April 2023

Stormshield Pro Tech Packs

New for April 2023 is our latest addition to our Stormshield Pro EVA range, The Stormshield Pro Tech Packs! If you’re an angler that takes valuable items of tech such as Cameras, Tablets, Laptops and Power Packs, fishing with you then these really are worth checking out!


Available in two sizes (Standard and XL) the Stormshield Pro Tech Packs allow anglers to store their tech items safely and securely without the worry of damaging expensive items or even getting them wet. Made from our 100% EVA which carries our unique camo design, the tech packs are water resistant, meaning that if you get caught out in a downpour or you simply fish without a groundsheet, all your items will remain dry.

The Tech Packs have a moulded top that features a groove allowing you to position your tablets or phones so that you can watch your favourite programs/films from the comfort of your beds and chairs.

Both Tech Packs feature two external USB sockets which are connected to two USB cables on the inside of the bags. This allows you to plug in your power banks and store them away inside your Tech Pack whilst still allowing you to charge your devices.

The Tech Packs also feature high-quality zips and external neoprene handles. The standard model features a single handle on the back allowing you to transport it with ease. The XL version features three handles. With its increased size, filled with tech it can become a heavy piece of tackle. These three handles aid with transportation and allow you to lift the bag in and out of your car/barrow bag with ease.

Both size Tech Packs feature internal zipped compartments on the underside of the lid. These are ideal for charging cables, SD cards and other tech accessories. On the Standard version, the top internal pocket is a full-length pocket which is large enough to house tablets up to 11in/28cm.

The XL version is ideal for those anglers fishing longer sessions or simply for those who like to take more items of tech with them fishing. With more and more people working remotely, these are ideal if you often find yourself working from the bank. The lid is large enough to fit a laptop on top of it. Inside the XL version, there is a removable laptop sleeve which can house laptops up to 16in/40cm.

The Standard version is ideal for those anglers fishing shorter sessions or simply for those wanting to scale down their tackle. This model will comfortably accommodate a DSLR camera, power pack and bivvy lights/headtorch.


Both Tech Packs feature a soft touch inner, providing valuable protection to any fragile tech items such as cameras and lenses etc. with movable dividers included to help you safely and securely pack all your necessary items.

If you’re serious about keeping your tech well protected whilst you’re on the bank, be sure to check them out on the shelves of your local Avid stockist. We have also produced several country-specific short promo videos which can be viewed via the links below!


English: https://youtube.com/shorts/QBWDQMR0w6k?feature=share

German: https://youtube.com/shorts/8GyY4heNu4w?feature=share

French: https://youtube.com/shorts/FsJZX9XdNrI?feature=share

Dutch: https://youtube.com/shorts/yYhCb78ZwVE?feature=share

Czech: https://youtube.com/shorts/WiXvitA8tAs?feature=share

Polish: https://youtube.com/shorts/Ee-1DJrfp2E?feature=share

Romanian: https://youtube.com/shorts/_RykLKQmh50?feature=share

Hungarian: https://youtube.com/shorts/y6XtHq1qkXA?feature=share

Spanish: https://youtube.com/shorts/oXedQAXCGEE?feature=share

Italian: https://youtube.com/shorts/Lqt4X5RY3A0?feature=share

Croatian: https://youtube.com/shorts/TIzySxnc9BM?feature=share

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