Spool Up Accurately!

Late Winter and early spring is often the time many carp anglers begin thinking about preparing their tackle for the season ahead. As the weather begins to improve and the daytime temperatures creep over the 10-degree mark consistently, angling opportunities often improve as the carp begin moving about in readiness for their spring rituals.

One of the first items of tackle which many anglers begin to prepare in readiness for their spring and summer fishing is their mainline. During the 3 years previous to its general release in 2020, we had been working away behind the scenes to develop our 'Outline Camo Reel Line'. Just like all ranges of tackle in the modern-day, choosing the right mainline can often be a minefield. With numerous different types of mainlines currently on the market from Monofilament Lines, Fluorocarbon, Tapered lines to braided mainlines, ensuring you make the correct choice when purchasing a new mainline can often be a difficult choice. Now throw in multiple different colours of line, the differing diameter to breaking strains and of course the dreaded 'Fast-sinking', 'Extreme-Distance' or 'Lowest-Stretch' claims which are often associated with the marketing of a specific new line.

During the development of the 'Outline Camo Reel Line' we had one primary focus, which was to create the 'most versatile monofilament line on the market'. The isn't a term in which we just wanted to throw around to market the product, this was a key focus of ours during the whole testing and development process. So, what do we personally believe makes a line versatile? Firstly, the main attributes we as carp anglers often look for in a mainline is strength, durability, useability and reliability. This is something which we believe we achieved and is evident in the end product. Secondly, we wanted to create a line in which anglers can put their whole confidence in. A mainline where they can, for example, have a set of spools filled with our 18lb variant for snaggy angling situations and also have a set of spare spools filled with the same line in the 12lb variant for distance casting. If you have confidence in a specific line due to it demonstrating the main attributes as we stated above, why should you need to look for a completely different line if you need an alternative diameter?

We firmly believe that the three variants of breaking strains available to purchase in our Outline Camo Reel Line cover all angling situations where you would traditionally use a monofilament mainline. With the lines unique camo-fleck pattern, gone are the days of trying to match the colour of your line to the lake substrate or the water clarity! The Outline Camo Reel Line does it all!


So, which breaking strain would we advise for different angling situations? 

Firstly, the 12lb is the perfect choice for anglers looking to fish anywhere up to extreme range. With its low diameter and supple nature, when coupled with a braided shock leader such as our 50lb Shock tight leader, many of our anglers during the testing period recorded casts of over 200 yards (180+ meters). Unlike many other 'dedicated casting lines' on the market, the 12lb Outline Camo Reel Line retains its strength, durability and most impressively, its sinking abilities. 

The 15lb variety is perfect for all general angling situations. Whilst being thin for its breaking strain compared to other lines on the market, there has been no compromise on its strength and durability. The 15lb variety coupled with a leader is perfect for those long-range snaggy situations, where a thinner 10-12lb line isn't up to the job! A firm favourite of many of our anglers! 

Finally, the 18lb variety of the line is the perfect balance of strength, durability and useability. We found that the majority of strong 18-20lb monofilament lines on the market, although extremely strong and durable, they are often extremely wiry and are very difficult to cast. The 18lb Outline Camo retains the excellent casting abilities of the 12lb and 15lb whilst also remaining extremely strong and robust. As well as being extremely tough, the 18lb line has excellent sinking properties and is also perfect for those anglers wanting to fish at distance but are not allowed to use leaders. 

The Outline Camo Reel Line is available on two different sized spools, 1000m and 300m. Which sized spool would you choose when looking to replenish your line for the season ahead? 

Before the release of the line back in 2020, we discussed the modern trends when it comes to mainlines and the quantity of line anglers need, when looking to re-spool their reels. For many years now, 1000m spools have been the most popular size of spool found on the shelves of fishing shops across the country. 1000m spools are perfect for anglers looking to spool up three big pit reels. Often, when spooling three modern-day big pit reels, even with a 1000m spool of line, anglers are required to have backing on their large capacity spools. Ensuring you accurately spool up with a third of a 1000m spool can often be time-consuming and may even require you adding line to a spare spool then adding backing and reversing onto your main spools. We have all been there when you have spooled up 2 of your reels and go to spool your third and end up underfilling your last spool because you used more than a third of a spool on your other two reels. On the back of this came the idea of the 300m spools. With the following simple steps, you can ensure you spool up your reels perfectly every time! 

  1. If you are replacing your old line with our Outline Camo Reel line check the difference in diameter between your old line and the new line you are putting onto your spools. 
  2. If you are replacing your old line with a line of the same/similar diameter, simply wrap off 82 4-yard wraps. (300m = 328 yards. 328 yards divided by 4 yards (1 x 12ft wrap) = 82 wraps). If you are replacing your old line with a thicker diameter line, compensate with more wraps. If replacing with a thinner diameter line, compensate for the difference by reducing the number of wraps you take off of your old line. We recommend for every 0.01mm difference in diameter of the line that you compensate with 5-7 additional/less 12ft wraps.  
  3. Once you have wrapped off 82 wraps, cut off your old line and tie on your new line with your chosen knot. We recommend using the back-to-back grinner knot. Ensure you save up your old line and recycle it at your local tackle shop that has an 'Anglers National Line Recycling" scheme bin.
  4. Place your line in a bucket of water and ensure that you wind the line, under tension onto your reels how it was loaded originally onto the spool to avoid line twist.
  5. Once you have completely wound on your 300m spool of fresh line, you will have a perfectly filled spool with the correct amount of backing on to replace with the same line when it comes to replacing your line again! 

Using the simple steps above you will be re-spooling your mainline perfectly every time! 

Outline Camo Reel Line is available in: 

1000m and 300m spools. 

Check out the full product video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5nZV9RJjbY

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