August 2023

OUR BIGGEST LAUNCH EVER! August 2023 Product Launch

In our monumental 2023 product release, we're thrilled to unveil over 150 new items. This launch showcases our dedicated work on key products developed over years, along with a fresh Revolve product range. Explore the exciting details of each new addition in this article!

For our final product release of 2023, we have got the biggest launch we have ever done with over 150 new individual products! The launch itself features several new key products which we have been working tirelessly on over the past few years as well as the introduction of a new range of products under the Revolve banner! Read on to find out more about each new product within the range!

August Launch Product collage

One of the key products we were most excited to release was our new EXO+ Bivvy, a shelter which has been years in the making. The EXO+ bivvy aims to appeal to those anglers that require a quick-erect shelter without compromising on space and comfort! The bivvy incorporates our innovative quick-erect elbows and the easy-to-use EXO central boss, making erecting a bivvy simpler than ever before. The self-locating corner elbows, decrease the overall set-up and pack-down speed, as well as preventing pole twists and damage to pole elastics. Due to the frame design of the EXO+ bivvy, we have managed to increase the usable internal within the bivvy by increasing the headroom and creating a flat profile to the rear of the shelter. The bivvy itself is a large 1-person shelter, designed for those anglers who like additional space and comfort. Unlike other similarly shaped bivvies, The EXO+ features an integrated peak, offering increased protection from the elements. The shelter also comes supplied with a storm cap, offering improved insulation and further coverage. The bivvy features our 20,000mm EX, finished in an unobtrusive Khaki with camo mesh vents for increased airflow.

 Exo+ Bivvy shelter

Next up is our Benchmark Ultra-Series Systems, the pinnacle in bankside comfort! For several years now, our Benchmark memory foam bed have been market-leading! Our latest models only build upon this well-deserved reputation with several new key improvements. The first of these new key improvements is to our LevelTech Leg design. We listened to customer feedback and have made some slight adjustments to the internals of the leg system which now feature a heavy-duty spring and a new track design on the leg which prevents the leg slipping out during transit. Secondly, we have removed the traditional elasticated central lumbar support and replaced it with the new TLS Lumbar support which sees the main bed sheet threaded through the frame, ensuring the bed is firm and supports your back in all of the right places. The firm bed is finished with our famous luxurious 50mm memory foam mattress. We have also added new CNC hinges to the beds which increase the strength of the frame, ensuring its longevity. Finally, we have made some slight adjustments to the system’s dual-layer duvet which is now finished in our EX khaki Fabric and features an internal layer which can be flipped to either have peach skin or fleece against you whilst you sleep. Once the internal layer is removed in the summer months, you are left with the top layer which features the soft-to-touch peach skin, ideal for those warmer nights.

Benchmark Ultra-Series Systems

Also new to the Benchmark range is two new recliner chairs, in standard and Hi-Back models. Both chairs feature the same memory foam mattress, LevelTech adjustable legs, reclining hand-wheel and fleece-covered armrests for added comfort. If you’re serious about your comfort on the bank, these chairs are certainly worth checking out.

 Recliner chair

 The next new addition to our range is the Elevate range of rods. These rods take the place of our Amplify rods, with several key improvements on what was available prior. The rods feature the thinnest, lightest, and most powerful blank we have ever produced. Utilising cutting-edge carbon technologies, the rod boasts an ultra-fast recovery, adding distance and accuracy to your cast. Despite their impressive distance casting capabilities, Elevate rods have been designed with playing fish at the forefront of their design. Their smooth and responsive, yet powerful action, allows for an increased sense of control under the tip, offering the necessary cushioning to prevent hook pulls at close quarters. The rod's aesthetics are functional and stylish, featuring; Classy understated graphics, Gunsmoke metal finishings, American Tackle Ti-Forged Air guides and Ultra-powerful slim XK Carbon blanks. With four models in the range (12ft 3.25lbs, 12ft 3.5lbs, 12ft 3.75lbs and 13ft 3.75lbs), every eventuality is covered, be that casting to the horizon or close-range combat.

Elevate rods

Next up is the introduction of our Revolve range. Revolve, revolves around offering quality tackle at a low price, to budget-conscious anglers or for those new to the sport. Although many of the items carry a low price point, this doesn’t mean there have been any corners cut during their design, with quality remaining at the forefront of the development of each product.


First in the range of Revolve products is the Revolve Sleep Systems, available in 6-leg standard and 8-leg x models, sized the same as our market-leading Benchmark Ultra-Series Systems. These sleep systems offer exceptional value for money, featuring a dual-layer four-season sleeping bag, fleece-lined foam mattress and extendable rock-steady legs. Instead of a traditional sprung mattress or elasticated lumbar support, the bottom support sheet on these systems is threaded around the frame, giving you the firmness and support found on our premium Ultra-Series systems at a fraction of the price! Also available are matching standard and x-sized bedchairs, which carry all of the same features apart from the duvet.

Revolve sleep systems

The revolve bivvies are a two-rib, pram-hood design featuring a large peak which offers extra protection from the elements. The bivvies are available in 1-person and 2-person models, sized on the larger side offering anglers ample room to store away all of their tackle whilst remaining comfortable. The standard model is a 2-break pole design, whereas the 2-man bivvy features 4 breaks. The bivvy features our captive frame support poles which are supplied for increased set-up and pack-down times, preventing you from having to remove the tension poles when packing away the bivvy. The two-way letter box style door features an integrated mesh panel, as well as PVC and solid fabric options. Around the back of the shelter, there is a large mesh vent, allowing for increased airflow during those warmer periods. Also available to purchase separately are additional overwraps which transform your single-skin revolve bivvy into a dual-layer system, adding additional coverage at the front with an extended porch.

revolve bivvies

 Also new to the Revolve range is the Revolve 60” Brolly System which offers superb performance at a low price. The brolly itself is finished in a 10,000mm hydrostatic head material that is lightweight and durable. The central space-saving hub mechanism is easy to use and allows for increased headroom within the brolly itself. The front of the brolly features two Velcro rod retention straps to stop rods sliding. The brolly is supplied with 4 storm-poles, two for the side, and two for the front. Heavy-Duty Pegs and a lightweight groundsheet. The front panel of the brolly is fully removable via a full-length heavy-duty zip and can be configured in several different ways, whether that be full mozzie mesh in the summer or a letter box door during adverse conditions. The Revolve brolly system is ideal for short-session anglers or those who like to travel light.

Revolve 60” Brolly System

 For those short-session anglers, the Revolve 3m Brolly is the ideal choice for anglers looking for coverage from the elements. Featuring a large central pole, the brolly is easy to put up and down. The central poles ground spike alongside the pegging points and guide rope help you secure the brolly once it has been set up. Once erected the brolly can be angled, keeping you dry and comfortable, not only from above but from behind.

Revolve 3m Brolly

 Another addition to our rod range is the new Revolve rods. The range offers the best value for money of any Carp on the market to date. Made from high-quality Carbon, Minima style guide with an anti-frap tip guide, high-quality 18mm reel seats, a matt black finish with understated cosmetics and a full shrink wrap handle with a stylish flare. There are 5 models in the range, from 10ft 3lb up to 13ft 3.5 lbs test curve model. The 10ft models feature a 40mm butt guide with the 12ft and 13ft models featuring a 50mm butt guide. Never before has this performance been available at such a low price point.

Revolve rods

To perfectly complement the Revolve rod range we have two new Revolve nets, available in both 1 pc 6ft and 2 pc 8ft models, these nets cover most angling situations you may face. The nets feature a CNC aluminium spreader block with full carbon arms alongside a deep 80cm soft Black mesh which is strong and durable, and most importantly fish friendly.

Revolve netsThe new RVS luggage range falls within the Revolve umbrella and carries the same ethos as all of the other products within the range, high-quality durable items of tackle at an affordable price. Each item within the RVS luggage range is made from an ultra-hardwearing 600D Oxford Fabric with Heavy-Duty 10mm Camo-styled Zips.

RVS luggage range

 The RVS Ruckbag is a 50L capacity ruck bag which is accessed through the back panel of the bag. The central compartment is ideal for storing several tackle items and works perfectly modular with our Stormshield EVA pouches. With its flat profile, the ruck bag itself is ideal for those anglers who like to store their tackle bag under a bedchair. The base of the ruck bag is made from a moulded EVA which protects and supports your bag whilst laid on the ground. As expected, the ruck bag features padding on the rear back panel and shoulder straps for added comfort. There are also three external pockets on the ruck bag, 2 small and one larger one, for storing additional items of tackle.

RVS Ruckbag The RVS Rucksack is a 35-litre traditional-style rucksack which is accessed through the top of the bag. There is a large central compartment for larger tackle items accompanied by several external pockets on the side, front and top. The external pocket on the top of the rucksack is ideally sized to house several tackle boxes currently on the market, as well as featuring a mesh pocket for loose tackle items. The bag features a wipe-clean base as well as padded shoulder straps for added comfort.

RVS Rucksack

RVS Carryalls are available in two sizes, a 56l medium model and an 80-litre extra-large. Both sizes feature three external pockets, two on each side and one large central pocket as well as a large central compartment for your main tackle items. They also feature a wipe-clean base, a removable padded shoulder strap for carrying over distance and as well as a standard carry handle.

Accessory PouchesTo complement the larger tackle bags within the RVS range we also have two Accessory Pouches,  a medium and large-sized one. Both accessory pouches are ideal for housing many smaller tackle items, the larger one ideal for some hookbait tubs and the medium model ideal for leads. They both come with a carry handle on the top of the pouches to help to manoeuvre within your luggage.

two Accessory Pouches


When it comes to keeping your food and bait cool and fresh on the bank the RVS Cool bags are the ideal choice. There is two sizes within the range a 16-litre medium model and a 26-Litre larger size. Both sizes have a thermal lining in the main compartment and lid which helps keep bait and food cold during the length of your session.

RVS Cool bagsFor those anglers who like to keep their cooking gear and food together, the RVS Cookbag is the perfect option. Consisting of a thermally lined main 40 Litre compartment, the bag has ample room to store enough food and drink for longer sessions. On the outside of the bag, there are two large pockets, one ideally sized to house a gas bottle and stove, with the other ideal for storing a kettle, pan and other cooking equipment.

RVS Cookbag The RVS luggage range also features two styles of rod bags which can store away rods with large butt rings and big pit reels. First up is the RVS Single Sleeves, which are available in 10, 12 & 13ft varieties. Featuring a central zip down the face of the rod bag which allows you to store away your rod with ease. Each single sleeve also comes supplied with an integrated adjustable padded shoulder strap.

RVS luggage range Finally, the RVS 3 Rod Sleeves are available in 12 and 13ft and are capable of housing three made-up rods. The bag features a central zip, internal dividers to keep your rods separated, Velcro rod straps at the tip and butt section, a removable padded shoulder strap and a single carry handle.

RVS 3 Rod Sleeves New to our luggage range are three sizes of Stormshield EVA carryalls in 30, 40 & 50L capacity. Each carryall features our avid moulded lid design with full-length Camo zips. Due to their weatherproof nature, they are ideal for keeping several tackle items or clothing dry. The carryalls also feature neoprene carry handles to help during transportation.

Stormshield EVA carryalls Also new to the Stormshield EVA range is the compact caddy. Finished with the same features as the matching Eva carryalls, the compact caddy is a smaller 9-litre capacity, ideal for smaller items of tackle, or bait.

compact caddyKeeping your Food and Bait fresh on the bank is essential, especially during warm weather or on longer sessions. The Stormshield Deluxe Cooler has been built using extra thick hollow fill material which ensures temperatures within the Cool bag are kept stable for prolonged periods, perfect for keeping your food, bait and drinks in perfect condition. A deluxe shoulder strap & robust central handles enable you to easily carry and manoeuvre the cool bag, whether it be onto the barrow or in your vehicle. With a 30Litre capacity, the Stormshield deluxe cooler is the ideal item of luggage for the session angler.

Stormshield Deluxe Cooler The XR Pro Spod/Marker is the latest addition to our reel range and features a sleek minimalistic black aesthetic. The reel itself features a super-fast retrieve with a gear ratio of  5.7:1. The reel perfectly holds 300m of our dedicated Extremity Spod or Marker braid reducing the worry of overfilling or underfilling your spool. Slow oscillation means that the line lay is superb and perfect every time significantly reducing frap-ups. The reel features a fast front drag system which allows you to easily peel line off when marketing for ultimate precision. With 2-line clips for ease of clipping to multiple spots, helping you map and bait your swim with ease time after time. If you are looking for the ultimate workhorse to meet the demands of modern-day carp fishing, look no further than the XR Pro Spod/Marker reel.

XR Pro Spod/Marker We also have a comprehensive range of new clothing. First up is the thermite softshell hoodie which is a great year-round garment, whether it be spring, summer, Autumn, or winter, it's one you won’t want to leave home without. Finished in an unobtrusive green, with a smooth softshell outer and fleece inner, equipped with high-quality features throughout. Available in S-3XL.

thermite softshell hoodieOur Sherpa Pullover is a super luxurious garment perfect for layering in extreme conditions or for extra comfort in the bivvy. Featuring a zipped chest and handwarmer pockets, an oversized hood and subtle avid branding throughout. Available in S-3XL.

Sherpa PulloverOur Black Cargo T-Shirt sports a stylish chest pocket featuring our Fish Heads camo Print a high-quality cotton lightweight t-shirt, perfect all year-round wear. Available in S-3XL. The perfect accompaniment to our Black Cargo T-Shirt is the Minimal Black Hoodie. The hoodie is a comfortable medium-weight hoody with subtle Avid branding, fronted with a luxurious Kangaroo pocket sporting our avid fish heads camo print. Available in S-3XL.

Black Cargo T-Shirt The Green Cargo Joggers are stylish and comfortable featuring a zipped hand warmer and thigh pockets, avid branding and cuffed ankles, perfect everyday Bankwear. Available in S-3XL.

Green Cargo Joggers Also new for 2023 is a new range of head ware, first up we have two new caps, the black and camo cap and the minima green cap. With Autumn and Winter looming, we have two beanie hats, we have the Avid Contrast beanie and the Minimal green beanie.

black and camo capsWith the cooler months in mind, we have the Arctic 50 suit, packed full of features and sure to keep you toasty warm whatever the weather has to throw at you. The thermal jacket and salopettes are made from a 20,000mm material, with a luxurious hollow-fill inner. Featuring heavy-duty zips throughout, an essential pocket on the jacket inner, and zipped chest and handwarmer pockets to boot. The salopettes feature a smooth quilted liner, reinforced knees and seat sections with adjustable shoulder straps allowing you to obtain the perfect fit. Available in S-4XL.

Arctic 50 suitRecently we launched our Transit Extreme three wheel barrow. Upon the release, we were inundated with requests to sell the removable rear wheels separately. For those that asked, you will be glad to know that the rear wheels will be available separately, in our new barrow wheel conversion kit. The kit is capable of converting any square-framed barrow 23/25mm into a 3-wheeled barrow, making pushing a barrow much easier, particularly when walking long distances with a fully loaded barrow.

barrow wheel conversion kit

Finally, for those distance casters amongst us, we have two new additions to our Extremity Swivel Leads in 4.5oz and 5oz.

Extremity Swivel Leads in 4.5oz and 5oz

Well, there we have it, some super-exciting products we’re sure you’d agree. Keep your eyes peeled on the Avid social media and most importantly, head on to your local Avid stockist to check it out for yourself.

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