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AVID CARP - The Love of Linear - Chris Lowe, Angie Lawley, Ian Russell

It's fair to say that Chris Lowe & Angie Lawley spend a lot of time down at Linear Fisheries in Oxfordshire.
They have both been fishing the venue for over 15 years and have watched the lakes and the fish go from strength to strength.
But for Chris & Angie, it's not just about the fishing.
We sent Ian Russell along to fish with Chris & Angie to find out why they love Linear so much.

Latest Avid Carp Videos

Pin Down Hooklink

Pin Down Hooklink

    The Pin Down Hooklink material is the most supple Hooklink you will ever use.

    Favoured by Solid PVA bag anglers, the super supple PTFE fibre construction makes it the ideal choice.

    Made using our unique Outline PTFE fibres, this fast sinking, highly abrasion resistant material will blend in to anything it lies over.

    The Pin Down hooklink has gathered a huge following over its life and is considered as one of the fastest sinking hooklinks on the market.

    This latest version is even faster sinking and requires absolutely no putty to help it to stay nail to the bottom.

    Supplied in 20lb breaking strain on a 10m spool.

AVID CARP- Extremity Rods

AVID CARP- Extremity Rods

    The Extremity Rods from Avid Carp deliver a level of accuracy rarely seen. And as the name suggests, fishing at extreme range is what Extremity Rods do best.

    The Extremity Rods are made using a low resin content carbon which results in a super crisp, fast taper action which help to deliver superb accuracy, even when fishing at range.

    The blank is finished with a 1k matt weave, understated graphics, a full Duplon handle and stainless fittings which make the Extremity rod look as classy as the performance. 

    The 12ft 3.25lb model is the perfect choice for most fishing situations.

    Capable of fishing solid bags at up to 120 yards with great accuracy, the 3.25lb Extremity is ideal for day to day fishing.

    The 12ft 3.5lb Extremity Rod has been designed purely with extreme range and incredible accuracy in mind.

    This model has a stepped-up butt section which dramatically increases power within the blank and the super-fast taper tip section helps the blank to recover at an incredible speed.

    Both models feature 50mm butt rings, anti-frap tip ring, 18mm Fuji Reel Seat and carbon line clip.

AVID CARP- ACR 12000 Reel

AVID CARP- ACR 12000 Reel

    The ACR 12000 reel from is the result of a 2-year development process which has lead us to what we believe is the perfect combination of balance, power and durability.

    The ACR 12000 features a long taper spool with super slow oscillation. The spool length helps to reduce friction on the line when casting and the super slow oscillation makes for perfect line lay.

    These 2 features combined make for effortless casting and help to improve distance with ease.

    7 stainless steel ball bearings and 1 roller bearing not only give the ACR 12000 a silky-smooth feel but also help to the lifespan and durability.

    The ACR 12000 is fitted with a rapid front drag system, which allows you in less than one turn to rapidly go from free spool to fight mode with ease.

    A CNC machined aluminium handle with ergonomic soft touch rubber grip provides cranking power and extra grip, even when wet.

     With a large diameter bail arm, stainless steel shaft, high strength body cover and rotor, the ACR 1200 is built to withstand any situation you might face.


    BALL BEARINGS: 7+1 Stainless Steel 

    MM/M 0.35/55o 0.30/450 0.40/400

    GEAR RATION 4.9:1

    WEIGHT 740G

AVID CARP- Storm Shield Luggage Range

AVID CARP- Storm Shield Luggage Range

    The Storm Shield range from Avid Carp has been designed to keep expensive items of tackle dry & well protected at all times.

    This select range of products includes 2 fully waterproof Bedchair bags that will protect your Bedchair or Sleep System from the elements during transportation to and from your swim.

    These Bedchair bags are the ideal choice for those anglers who use a boat to transport their tackle during the session and both the standard and XL models feature a shoulder strap and carry handles to make transportation even easier.

    Also in the range are 2 roll top Swag Bags which are perfect for keeping valuable items dry and dirt free.

    Made from our unique ultra-tough Storm Shield fabric and utilising a roll top design with double clip system, the Storm Shield Swag Bags offer a level of water resistance where others simply cannot.

    The small Swag bag is perfect for items such as clothing, footwear, Bedchair covers and valuable items such as keys, wallets and fishing permits.

    The large Swag Bag will take items such as Sleeping bags, waders and winter clothing.

    The Storm Shield Bedchair Cover finishes off the range, which has been specifically designed for brolly anglers and sleeping under the stars.

    The Storm Shield fabrics ensures that your Bedchair and sleeping bag remains well protected from the elements, even in the heaviest of downpours.

    The cover features heavy duty clips at the bottom end for attachment to the Bedchair and metal eyelets at the top to allow a bankstick or storm pole to be used to create a shelter.

    The oversized design also allows the Storm Shield Cover to be used on some large Bedchairs.

AVID CARP- Screen House Compact

AVID CARP- Screen House Compact

    The Screen House Compact is sure to find favour with anglers who fish on the Continent.

    This new addition to the Screen House range is easy to erect and even easier to transport.

    Featuring a window at the rear and the option to create a porch area at the front, this is the most feature-packed gazebo style shelter on the market.

    The Screen House Compact is the perfect socialising and cooking shelter when space is at a premium.

    The mozzie mesh front & rear window makes the Screen House Compact useable at any time of the day, even into the evening when the mozzies are at their worst.

    The Screen House Compact can also be used as a 1 man bivvy, with room for you and all your gear.

    The Screen House Compact comes supplied with Groundsheet, Heavy Duty pegs and Guide ropes.

AVID CARP- Bivvy Organiser

AVID CARP- Bivvy Organiser

    The Bivvy Organiser from Avid Carp is the perfect storage solution which allows you to keep your Bivvy free from clutter and well organised whilst out on the bank.

    The built-in storage bag is the ideal place to store things like your keys & wallet, food & cooking equipment, or even your tackle box & hookbaits.

    The non-slip textured top makes it the ideal platform to cook from.

    The Bivvy Organiser also comes supplied with a clip-on Gas Bottle Holder which keeps your gas held off the ground.

    The Bivvy Organiser features telescopic legs to allow for easy adjustment and 2 carry handles which make moving the Organiser around your bivvy an easy task, even when fully loaded.

    The Bivvy Organiser is easy to pack away and comes supplied with Velcro top carry bag.