Avid Carp Rig Tools


Rig Tools

Rig tools are one of those items that all carp anglers need.

Whether you’re splicing leaders, hair rigging baits or creating boilie stringers, you will need various rig tools in your armory. Like with anything in the Avid range, we have tried to create baiting tools that are a little bit different than what’s already available. The new Avid tools boast ergonomic handles that make them extremely easy to use, as well as a couple of other stand-out features. All of them have a small metal rings on the back of them that allow you to test the strength of your knots and loop tiers that allow you to create perfect loops.

There are seven different tools in the range, including a pair of braid scissors. The scissors are super-sharp and will stay sharp for a long time. They also feature purpose-designed pins for testing knot strength.

Tools available:

  • Stringer Needle
  • Stick Needle
  • Gated Needle
  • Splicing Needle
  • Hair Needle
  • Hard Bait Hair Needle
  • Bait Drill