Avid Carp Surface Spod


Come Out On Top

Surface Spod

The Avid Surface Spod allows anglers to deposit floating baits at ranges never obtained before. No more trying to use a normal spod full of mixers and wobbling it to create unnecessary disturbance on the surface. We've created a purpose-built spod with some revolutionary features.

The inner roll-a-ball is buoyant, while the nose is slightly weighted. This means that upon impact with water, the nose will point downwards, allowing the ball to float up the arms of the spod, releasing the mixers. You get no spillage on the cast and it lands with a nice quiet splash, so surface fishing can now be achieved at totally new distances.

Some of the big hits achieved by our anglers using this spod in conjunction with zigs fished over-depth is nothing short of remarkable, and it's a tactic we're sure will be put into good use at loads of venues during the summer months.

You'll never think about floater fishing the same way again.

Unique features include:

  • Multi-range
  • Bespoke design for floating baits
  • No strings
  • Tangle-free design
  • Aerodynamic shape