Avid Carp Air Cage Spod


Rapid Release Bait Delivery

Air Cage Spod

The Air Cage spod has been designed with a revolutionary mesh body that dramatically improves water flow.

As soon as the spod lands, water flushes through the body depositing the contents with seconds. Due to the cage construction, it retrieves effortlessly after every cast and causes minimal disturbance.

Like the other spods designed by Avid, the Air Cage features a stiff arm that eliminates tangles and makes loading easier than ever before. Extra large fins have been added to provide stability and improve accuracy. The nose cone is made from a hard wearing heavy plastic. Air has been forced into the material to provide an ultra buoyant and highly visible nose cone.

If you want to introduce bait at range quickly and efficiently, take a look at this revolutionary spod. Like all the products in the Avid Carp range, it will certainly make life a lot easier. It's easy to load, flies like a bullet and empties quicker than standard spods.