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My friend and I recently decided to target an intimate pond that contains a good head of scaly carp. Choked with weed and surrounded by overhanging trees, the venue is carp fishing paradise and a tough nut to crack at times.

Arriving at the venue for a quick overnight session, I had a quick lead around with the new Avid Carp Marker Float Kit. After a couple of casts, I found a lovely clear area in the middle of the pond that was perfect for presenting a hookbait. I popped the float up so that I could see it and used a bait boat to drop my hookbait and freebies into position. I opted for a Sonubaits Refresha pop-up on a simple knotless knot rig and introduced a mix of groundbait consisting of Sonuabaits Chocolate Fish, Hemp ‘N’ Maples Peas and Tiger Fish liquid. With one rod in open water, I flicked my second rod tight to some reeds on the far-bank margin.

When targeting tricky carp, try something a little bit different. When was the last time you saw a carp angler using balls of groundbait?


As darkness fell, I noticed a bit of fizzing over my bait positioned close to the reeds. Just as the sun dipped behind the distant treeline, my right-hand rod screamed into life and I promptly landed a pretty 5lb mirror. After a couple of trophy shots, I slipped the fish back and got the rod back on the spot.

At 3am the following morning, my left-hand alarm sounded and line tore from my reel as an angry carp made a bid for freedom. The fish headed straight for some snags but, after applying some pressure, I managed to turn it and continue the battle in open water. After a frantic battle I eventually landed a stunning common carp that weighed 17lb 5oz. With the fish returned, I got the rod back on the spot and tried to get a few hours sleep.

This pristine common couldn't resists Leonardo's groundbait approach.

Three hours later, my sleep was interrupted by another blistering take on the open-water rod. After a decent scarp, I slid the net under a beautiful 13lb 5oz common. I spent the rest of the morning sleeping because of the hectic night and left the lake during the afternoon a very happy man.

The biggest fish of the session weighed 17lb 5oz.

My terminal tackle included Flat Clips, 2.5oz Flat Swivel Leads, Korum S5 Hooks and Captive Braided Hooklink.


About The Angler


Leonardo Roselli

He’s fished a variety of different venues but he really enjoys targeting small, intimate venues where he can stalk his quarry in the margins.