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A New Challenge Bring Early Success

Well, where to start?

Let’s just say the start of the year hasn’t entirely gone to plan, with having gone self-employed early on in the year and then a few other issues surrounding home life which I won’t bore you with, my fishing had well a truly been put on the back burner.

With my ticket on a southern syndicate due to start in early May, I thought this would give me the ideal platform to get my head back in the game, well that wasn’t the case and in fact, as I sit here writing this piece it is now the final week in May as I’m finally sat on the bank for my first session of what will be a new campaign.

Arriving at the lake late Thursday evening, I was greeted by the most fabulous expanse of water! With it being a two hour drive from my house, I’d not actually had chance to view the water before hand, but one thing I did know though is that it holds some truly incredible carp. With having no previous knowledge about the pit, this was going to be a complete blank canvas for me and one I was massively excited about getting stuck into. So, without no further ado, I decided to chuck my rucksack on and proceed to start my walk around the water.

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With the stock said to be around 80-100 fish in around 38 acres, I knew that locating a few fish would prove key to putting one of these incredible creatures on the bank. Having spent around 2 hours walking around the lake, climbing trees and wading the margins, I had not seen a single thing to go on, so I decided to pitch up in an area that gave me the best vantage point available, meaning that the first signs of any fish, I could move onto them as soon as possible.

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After a quiet first night, I brought the rods in around midday and decided to head off for another walk. Having done a full lap of the water and again seeing nothing, I was starting to rack my brains on just what the fish might be up to. I got back in my swim early in the evening I proceeded to get the rods back on the spots, when over in the distance I saw what I thought was a show! After watching that area for a further half an hour and seeing 10 or more shows, that was all I needed to load the barrow and set off arriving in the swim a little while later. I finally felt that little bit closer to what may be some of the lakes stock.

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After getting the rods into the area where I had seen the fish, I went to bed that night full of anticipation of what may be. Unfortunately I awoke the following morning to motionless bobbins, not to be deterred I stayed put that day, seeing fish drifting in an out of the area, I decided to put a few Code Red boilies into the area in the hope of triggering some interest. With areas of the lake thick with weed, my approach would consist of solid bags tied up using the Avid Outline End Tackle and Pindown, which I believe gives me that added piece of mind knowing not only would my rigs be presented every time, but also line and rig concealment would be second to none in the crystal clear water on the pit.

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With fresh bags on the spots that evening, all I could do now is hope that the carp would stay in the area and have a grub around. That night and true to form, they duly obliged and at around 4am, my left hand rod went into absolute meltdown! Awaking in a daze, it took me a couple of seconds to come to terms with what was happening and before I knew it, I was stood out in the lake attached to one angry carp! It was charging from one weed bed to another and I was just praying that everything would hold firm and after a knee trembling battle, I was overjoyed to see a dark mid 20 mirror sulking in the folds of my net!

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As you all know, getting your first fish out of a new water is always sweet, but achieving it on the first session makes it all that bit sweeter.

I decided to slip the fish into a retainer, stick the kettle on and give myself a little while just to take everything in. After getting my head together I got the fish out for a few shots and I was in awe of how pristine the fish was! With that all done, I slipped her back to the mysterious depths below and that brought my first session to a close. I was left buzzing for the return!

Until next time, be lucky.

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Michael Farrall

Angling all started for me as a young lad walking the local brook's catching pretty much what ever came my way. From this I learnt the fundamentals of angling and I soon started to venture over to the River Severn, where I pursued some of the species that resided there. This soon had me truly hooked at the unbelievable power of some of these fish. I was intrigued to experience more.