A December to remember

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Mikey Farrall gets a few early Christmas Presents

As we move into December and access to the syndicate lake is now becoming virtually impossible due to the rising water levels and worsening terrain that not even the 4x4 could deal with, my thoughts turned to moving onto a local day ticket water. The lake I was going to head to was Earls View, situated in the beautiful Shropshire country side, the lake it’s self is only a few acres in size with just 5 swims in total which gives everyone plenty of their own water to fish in. With that, it has a solid gravel track circulating the whole lake to make for easy access to each swim and also some fantastic toilet facilities that even the misses would approve of, it all makes for comfortable fishing especially in the colder months.


Having been keeping an eye on the weather and conditions looking just right with the temperatures back up into double figures by the middle of the week, I decided to book a Wednesday off work. Arriving late Tuesday evening just as the light was fading, I decided to head straight to an area I’ve known the fish to hold up in previous winters. I tied up a few mesh bags of maggots and got the rods straight on to the area I had caught from in previous winters. With the water being gin clear, I decided to fish long Avid Outline fluorocarbon leaders along with the Outline mainline and the Outline End Tackle range.

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These components coupled together make the perfect all round camouflage, feeling confident I settled in for the night and stuck the kettle on for my first brew of the session and cooked a little tea. I was just about to get my head down before the first rod was away! Shortly after, a low double was sat in the net and after a quick shot I slipped her back to her home and got the rod back out onto the spot.

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I finally got my head down for the night only to be awoken a succession of times during the night, not that I was complaining! By first light I had managed to put 4 fish on the bank, one of which was a lovely apple sliced linear.

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I was up early that morning watching the sunrise over the hills in the distance with the kettle whistling away, it was time for the first brew of the morning. Whilst I sat watching the world go by the left-hand rod pulled up tight again a short spirited battle soon saw another double sat in the net!

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Shortly after slipping that fish back, the right had rod was away, picking up the rod the fish instantly felt better than any of the previous ones and after the fish giving me a bit of a run around, she was soon taking her first gulp of air and was ready for the awaiting net. It was nice to see a low twenty sulking in the bottom of it and it was the best fish of the session! Once getting her out, I fired off a few shots before the slipping her back and getting the gear wrapped up with that drawing a close to a great first session.

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The next session saw me get to the lake later than I would of liked due to work commitments and the biggest snowfall that Shropshire has seen in many years. Along with the lake then freezing over for a succession of days it was now only a few days before Christmas, but when I arrived at the lake I was greeted by the owner along with a few images which were very interesting to me as well as a massive give away as to the where the fish were lying up whilst the lake was frozen over. The owner had managed to get some images of areas of trapped air underneath the ice. This was caused by the fish in the area and funnily enough, the areas were ones that I had previously caught from, so it was no surprise I was straight back round to that area.

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With the rods all clipped up, I soon had all the rods out and fishing. One final chance to nick a bite before the big man arrives and true to form, the spot didn’t disappoint. Just as we we’re going into first light, the first rod was away and with only just getting the fish in the net, the other rod started ticking over. After a bit of a tussle and with only one net, I was hoping all would go to plan and It wasn’t long before I had a brace of carp sat in the net, the one being a lovely scaly mid twenty mirror. I was over the moon, to go into the festive period with a few cracking fish under the belt after what’s been a fantastic December!


Until next time, merry crimbo and a happy new year.


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