Return to the Estate Lake

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Mikey Farrall steps in to autumn in style

With the hectic summer work period coming to an end, it was time to think about hitting the bank on a bit more of a regular basis. Having been down the lake on a succession of evenings trickling a little bait on a few spots, it was soon clear it was time to get the rods out.

I decided to reopen my account with a quick overnighter, but due to work, I was unable to get down the lake until around 6pm on the Friday evening. I wasn't sure that I was going to get onto my baited spots, but to my surprise there wasn't a sole to be seen!

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I quickly set about loading the boat and heading off in search of a few fish. After drifting around for a while, I had soon located a few of the lakes stock in some nearby pads. I decided to put the brolly up before getting the rods out as there were more than few grey clouds drifting over. Once I'd quickly chucked up the ascent brolly, I proceeded to sort out the rods, with all 3 loaded with 25lb outline leaders along with new avid outline terminal tackle. I was more than confident an in my eye, it's camouflage at the highest level. With all 3 rods in position and topped up with a few whole and crushed boilies along with a few tigers, I kicked back and stuck the kettle on a cooked up a little tea before nightfall. With no action to report, I got my head down, that was until around 4am when I was woken to a drop back bite on the long rod!

After running out with no shoes on (school boy error) I was soon attached to one of the lakes stock & after a spirited battle, I soon had an upper double common in the net. I thought with it only being an hour or so until sunrise, I'd slip it into the retainer for some shots at first light, then just as I was returning to the brolly the closest rod pulled up tight.

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With already having wet socks, I decided to stay put with it, then pulling out the line clip I picked up the rod, instantly knowing I was attached to one of the better fish in the lake. With the fish not doing a lot, it was soon over the net cord and safely sat in the net. I ran back to the brolly to put some dry socks on along with my boots and went to check what was resting in the net. After lifting the net slightly, I could soon see it was my first fish over the 30lb barrier out the estate lake!

I slipped her into the spare retainer and sat up waiting for first light. Minutes seemed like hours as I waited to see my prize in the daylight and with the sun starting to rise above the trees in the distance, it was finally time to see what was awaiting me. Upon lifting it over to the mat I instantly knew it was a decent fish.

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I proceeded to hoist her up to see the needle swing round to 32lb 12oz! I was absolutely over the moon and certainly a lovely return to the lake! With no more action that morning, I loaded the boat, topped up the areas with a little more bait and got back to the family, keeping everybody happy. Or so I like to think!

Until next time, be lucky.

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