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Ian Russell Catch's a Tiger!

This was a trip I had been looking forward to for ages. To catch up with my friends Jason and Kim Webb the owners was long overdue. They had purchased the lake a few years previous and have worked very hard to turn it into the lovely fishery it is now.

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Four of us had booked the lake exclusive, those being Stewart, Mini Mick and Jim and obviously, myself. Basically, RK Leisure on tour. To cut down on the mileage in the van we had booked an overnight ferry from Portsmouth to St Malo which would leave us with only about 80 miles to drive once in France. Other than Stewarts very loud snoring the crossing was all good.

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On arrival, we were greeted by Jason and his business partner John and given a tour of the lake. I have to say I was quite taken aback by the beauty of the place ... We held a draw for swims and I chose the Lodge swim to start in. We all settled in and started fishing. My peg had a long Island slightly to my right which I had access to this whole side of. I was to be using my bait boat as the rods were to be positioned under the overhangs of the island, rigs and bait were Flick Rigs with Pink Code Red pop ups on and a big old scoop of Sonubaits mixed particles to go with them. Jim was first to score then I had a low 20 mirror.  All was quiet then and first thing in the morning Stewart in weedy bay had a 42 mirror quickly followed by the Tiger Fish which is an upper 30 golden koi. Not everyone’s cup of tea but this was a fish I really had wanted to catch.  But we’ll done Stewart eh. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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Midday I moved swims into the ‘All Alone’ which gave me a much better angle on the island and I was immediately rewarded with a 36lb mirror, followed up later that even ending with a 40lb mirror and a 38lb mirror. The lads were also getting action around the lake. Monday arrived and the evening again produced a take resulting in a 42lb mirror. The little socials were full of fun and banter and the vibe was fantastic, which is exactly how it should be when fishing with friends.

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Tuesday I lost a good fish around a branch that was subsurface down the right-hand margin. Can’t be helped. We also had a time out and went to the local Hypermarket, now this was fun. The day was also burning hot and the Carp had a little spawn up so no rods were fished u till late evening when that had all stopped.  

Wednesday first light and after a proper old struggle I netted a 43.8 Common which had no name so I called it Chemo’s Common, Happy Days.  Lots of sunbathing was had this day as again it was very hot and again everyone reeled in for the whole day.

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Thursday and again first thing I had a right old struggle and couldn’t believe my eyes when the Tiger Fish popped up to be netted. How strange but oh so welcome. I’ve had this happen a few times during my carp life, after all big fish need to feed. Still at 39lb plus I was very happy to cuddle it for some pics. This day turned into a wet and windy one so we could fish all day which brought me further fish of a 30lb mirror and a 37lb mirror.

Despite us not fishing for 2 whole days we had amassed quite a tally of carp between us. In my opinion Mini Mickelson pb common of 46lbs was to be the fish of the week though.  Stewart and Jim had both banked 50lb plus mirrors. What a place this is.

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The Friday was to be our last go at them as we all agreed to pack up at lunchtime and go into the village for a few beers and back to the lake for a BBQ with Jason, Kim and John. We also had an early leave on Friday so didn’t fancy a very early pack up.  As it happens Saturdays clients turned up Friday afternoon so Jason let them fish the Friday night as well.  Very good of him. But as we were packing up, Stewart had a 38 mirror and I had a 25 mirror so we had a group shot. Before we knew it the ferry was calling and our trip was over. But not before we rebooked for next year though. Overall an amazing week amongst friends on a beautiful lake brimming with lovely Carp. Thank you, Jason, Kim and John, for your hospitality....

Ian Russell          


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