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Jeroen ticks one off the hit list at Rainbow



The first week of April stood marked in the calendar with a big red cross since last year! This particular week, we were lucky to fish the mighty Rainbow Lake with a group of friends including fellow Avid Carper Arjen Uitbeijerse, AKA “The Rainbow Boss” who organised the trip.  

Swim 17, my favourite swim, would be mine for this week and my companion Bas would fish next door in swim 18. It wasn’t too warm so the fish were spread over the whole lake. At the end of the week every swim had at least one or more fish and many good fish came out. Everybody was happy! This isn’t always the case at Rainbow.  

Fishing up to the island requires super tough gear due to the snagsweb

This part of the lake offers a large area of fallen trees and snags on the island opposite the swims and many of the fishing spots are directly next to or under the trees. It requires 24/7 focus, otherwise things will go wrong easily. Gear totally Lock up, heavy Banksticks, good rods, good rod-grips and extremely strong end tackle, like 65lb Pindown leader used for Hooklinks, and mainline that you can pull a car with! Real sleep you can forget in this swim. One bleep on the buzzers and you have to get in full sprint mode to the rods. After a week in this swim, you’ll need a holiday to recover from a lack of sleep! But I do love this type of fishing, especially with the knowledge that there are big fish around this area of the lake all the time. Some of those monsters seems to live in this area nearly all year round. I was lucky in the past to get some of these monsters already. But many of them were on still on my “wish-list”.

Pindown. A must have when fishing Rainbowweb

The Friday night was spent having a social with the other guys and we started fishing on the Saturday around 14:30.

I know the lake bottom in this part of the lake pretty well from previous sessions, so it didn’t take me long to find where to drop the rigs. My three Curvex rods where out on the spots and in no time at all, the left hand rod was away. To get that first so quickly is always a very good feeling! The rest of the session went better than we could hope for.

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Bas caught on the Sunday, an extremely long monster Common at 32.8kg, a fish which rarely comes out and a new PB for him! After we did the pictures we reeled the lines in and baited up the spots. We went to Arjen and Dirk in swim 21, to celebrate on the new PB. The next morning around 5am the rods were on pole position again.

Bas with a  32.8kg new PBweb

During the Monday morning, I caught 2 more carp up to 19.8kg and unfortunately lost one too. Arche gave me the advice to switch one small thing and that paid off for the following takes. At midday, one of the middle Curvex rods screamed into life for the first time, a heavy lumpy weight was swimming slowly towards me. This felt better than the other fish before. All the takes so far were extremely hard and powerful, but this one felt much better. After a steady but heavy feeling fight, a wide back came through the surface. Big scales at the back and a fish wider than the big common from Bas was slipped into the net. I netted the fish and curiously I tried to see which fish it was.

What a fish! 1000 scaleweb

Without doubt I saw it and recognised it straight away. It is one of the old warriors named ‘Thousand Scale’!!!

What a fish, what a session already! But that’s Rainbow at it’s best form. As usual, I unhooked the big lady in the water and called Bas to help with weighing & the pictures. Bas reeled his rods in and did a great job with the photos. A few minutes later 1000 scale was swimming again. 

A long fight resulted in this 27.5kg Mirrorweb

What a session for us already! 2 Fish over 30kg and it was still Monday!

Rainbow can be very friendly but also very often the lake is very hard. Of course, we read all the success stories from this lake, but often the lake is real hard to fish and you may hope for one or two fish to save the week.

Perfect 28.2kg Commonweb

At the end of the week nearly everybody had fish, all happy and it had been an unforgettable session for Bas and me. Bas ending up with 7 fish. On the Saturday, he managed to catch a brutal Common at 25.5kg just 10 Minutes before packing up the rods! I was lucky to catch 12 fish, the biggest four weighing 25kg, 27.5kg, 28.2kg and 31.5kg. Happy daysJ





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