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As some of you will know, most of my fishing is done on the weedy gravel pits down in Oxfordshire, but this year I've also been venturing to places like Wraysbury, Bluebell Lakes, and of course Acton Burnell in Shropshire. All of the lakes provide a different set of circumstances, but most of them are home to very big carp and lots and lots of weed.


On many of the venues, range fishing becomes a really powerful part of my armoury, fishing accurately at distance can make all the difference between a successful or unsuccessful session.

Since it's release, I've put my trust in the Avid Trap Line monofilament for this kind of work. For me, it's the strongest line for its diameter that I've ever used, and trust me, I've used them all!


I tend to use the 10lb for most of my fishing, with a 20lb Outline Fluorocarbon shockleader. This balance, I find, is still strong enough to cope with big carp in big weedbeds, but enables me to cast wherever I want!

If conditions get really weedy, I still find the Trap Line to be the best choice. I tend to fish with a fairly tight line for indication purposes over the weed, so the Trap Line is the perfect option. It knots down beautifully on the leader knots and I can fish with 100% confidence, knowing that my line is never going to let me down.


Trap Line is something I have on my reels for 3-4 nights fishing every week of the year. I'm lucky that my job allows me to fish mid-week longer sessions and I very rarely find myself needing to re-spool, and I get to do more fishing most months than many manage in a season, catching loads along the way.

So if you want my advice, you need to take a look at Avid Trap Line. It's unrivalled strength and abrasion resistance make it by far and away the toughest line I've ever had the pleasure to use.


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Chris Lowe

Chris is a great all-round angler, but he loves fishing with solid PVA bags at extreme range. He spends more time than most on the bank, targeting a variety of venues from runs waters to massive windswept pits, so he’s a minefield of information.

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