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Slack lining. It's not for everyone and it's not for all situations, but using it at the right time can make a massive difference to your fishing.

For me, the closer to the bank I am fishing, the slacker I want my line. At range, it's not sensible to try and fish a slack line. It can ruin your bite indication, as the bobbin will only ever be tight to where the line first gets 'pivoted' to the lakebed. Imagine someone standing on your line at 50yds when you're fishing at 100yds. Anything that happens beyond that 50yd 'pivot' won't show on your indicator. So slack line when it's sensible to do so, rather than all the time!

There's an art to fishing a slack line, though. A lot of guys rush it. They cast out, sink the tip, wait till the line cuts all the way through the surface then it's on the buzz bars, slack the line for a nice drop on the bobbin and away you go. If only it were that simple!

What normally happens is the line sinks at different rates. You end up with a 'belly' in the line and you might actually find that most of your line is off the lakebed and nearer the surface. This is why with a light bobbin you'll find the line continually tightening up (see pic below). If there isn't a crosswind, it's happening not because of the tow, but because the line is still sinking.


What's best is to hold the tip under the water and holding the line between the reel and the butt ring, pull it gently tight for 30 seconds or so. It's better to use your hand, as you will avoid moving the lead. When you can feel the tension coming out of the line, let out a little more and repeat the process. Eventually, it will settle and then the best thing to do is pay out more line than you think you need to get a nice drop of line from tip to lakebed.

Take the rod back to your buzz bars/pod and place it down. Once again, pay out a little line till you get a nice droop of line between the tip and lakebed. If it tightens up, pay out a little more.

Once the line settles, then clip on your bobbin. Again, make adjustments if the bobbin tightens up. What I like is a nice full drop of the chain with the bobbin just sitting at a 30 degree angle. It means if you get a dropback or the fish kites the bobbin still has somewhere to fall. Putting the bobbins on the deck is reserved for real close quarters action, when the only direction the carp can go is away from you.


I also like to use a bobbin that 'pinches' the line when slack lining. 'Elstow' style, if you were. It definitely highlights indications with liners, which are worth knowing about!

The key with slack lining is patience. If there's a crosswind, the undertow will usually keep pulling your lines up tight and rather than paying out metres and metres of line, it's better to settle on a semi-slack arrangement. With too much line out in a large bow, it'll look like you're uptiding for cod.


To maximise the potential of slack lining it's key to make sure those last few metres are definitely pinned down and in my fishing that means fluorocarbon leaders and Avid Carp Line Droppers to get the important bits pinned to the deck. Their inherent density means you can fish with confidence that the fish won't bump into your line.


Give these suggestions a whirl. It's nothing revolutionary but as with anything in carp fishing, the extra percentages of detail here and there add up to make a huge difference.



Yin Yang Style

The all new Avid Carp BoBBins are in stores NOW in a simple selection of colours: Clear, Blue, Purple, Orange, Green and, of course, Yellow. They're not just any colours though. The special material we've used and the finish it's subjected too mean they glow all day and shine all night. The brightness has to be seen to be believed!

Each BoBBin comes as a kit. Why wouldn't it?

In each kit, you get a 4" chain, 15" chain, Small and Large BoBBin Heads, a 2.5g and 5g weight, hockey stick, TWO line clips (including our innovative Yin Yang clip that enables you to fish 'Stow' style) oh, and yeah, you also get a neat little clear box to keep all your spares in. Put simply, you get more than you get anywhere else for an RRP of just £7.99. Yes, you read that right. £7.99!

What's more, the BoBBins are compatible with most other brands, just in case you like to mix and match your setups depending on the situation.

To explain more, check out this video below, where Avid Carp Brand Manager Mat Woods discusses everything you need to know about the BoBBins. Alternatively, CLICK HERE.

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