Spring Drop 2016


The First Launch of the Season for Avid Carp

We are delighted to announce the introduction of yet more awesome products for the 2016 season. This is our first launch of the year (there's more to come) and we just know you're going to love these awesome new bits of kit. We've had a great response from our October launch last year, with massive sales on luggage, rods, bivvies, beds, chairs and carp care gear. But of course, there's always more to come...


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First up, we have the beautifully bright Avid Carp BoBBins. Bright as you like and loaded with performance enhancing ideas, as always.

Specially designed with a special material that maximises the amount of light that emits from the bobbin head in daylight or when lit at night with an isotope, Avid Carp BoBBins feature a number of new technologies designed to take your bite indication to the next level. Included in the kit are two line grippers, one features our own Yin-Yang ball clip design, that can be used to either gently pinch the line or in a running style. The other clip is a more traditional style. The kit also features a larger bobbin for longer range fishing, two super tough ball chains, hockey stick and two weights. CLICK HERE

Kit contains:

2 x Avid Line Grippers
2 x BoBBin Cartridges
1 x 3 inch ball chain
1 x 9 inch ball chain
1 x BoBBin iDesign box
1 x 2.5g weight
1 x 5g weight

Available in Clear, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange and Purple.



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Basecamper Bivvy & Wrap

OMG! Avid Carp did a bivvy with an overwrap. Yep, after listening to anglers all over Europe that were desperate for Avid Carp quality, but in a bivvy that came with an outer wrap – rather than an inner one like on our HQ Twin Skins – we are proud to reveal the Basecamper.

This fantastic three-rib bivvy has a built-in peak system that enables you to be set up and fishing in comfort quickly and easily. As always, we have staggered the pole layout to offer increased internal space for your bedchair and tackle, whilst increasing the overall stability with side Re:tension bars, an iconic Avid Carp touch. The 10,000mm waterproof material is tough and reliable, with a heavy duty groundsheet that clips in perfectly. A rear window aids with ventilation.
The front can be totally removed or used in a variety of styles, either with full mosquito panel or with mosquito mesh windows. The front door can also be used in the popular ‘letter box’ style. Multiple pegging points all-around and tension straps below make this a rigid, stable bivvy that can withstand all the elements. Overwrap made from the same materials available separately. CLICK HERE

• 10,000mm waterproof outer material
• Extended storm peak to provide extra protection from the elements
• Separated pole layout for increased space
• Pegging loops that are reinforced and adjustable
• Pole tensioning straps to make the bivvy taut when erect
• Rear vent with mosquito panel and full panel that be zipped off from the inside the Basecamp bivvy
• Front door and windows feature mosquito panels behind the outer waterproof fabric
• Letter box style opening option
• Colour coded tension straps and groundsheet
• Clip in heavy-duty groundsheet
• 3 adjustable tension bars
• 2 x Rod Re:tension bars for more stability and somewhere to put your fishing rods
• Extra large carry bag with internal tension points for ultra-compact bivvy storage
• Heavy duty bivvy pegs

Bivvy Size: 2.7m x 2.2m x 1.5m
Bag: 120m x 30cm x 30cm
Weight: 10kg
Weight Bivvy only: 5.5kg


Basecamper Bivvy Overwrap
This clever design not only extends the overall coverage of the Basecamper bivvy, but it also features the velcro straps as featured on the Re:tension bars, so they can be used for your rods just like when using the Basecamper bivvy without the outer wrap. CLICK HERE.

• 10,000mm waterproof outer material
• Extends the overall coverage of the Basecamper bivvy
• Reinforced pegging loops that match up with the Basecamper bivvy
• Rear vent with mosquito panel underneath the waterproof fabric
• Front door features mosquito panel behind the outer waterproof fabric
• Letter box style opening option
• Outer velcro loops match up with Rod Re:tension bars underneath, so you still have somewhere to put your fishing rods when the overwrap is in use.

Overwrap size: 2.75m x 2.5m x 1.5m
Overwrap bag: 50cm x 35cm x 15cm
Overwrap weight: 2.5kg


XL Peachskin Pillow

Lastly there's a small addition to our already brilliant selection of sleeping bags and pillows. You guys loved the Peachskin Pillow so much, that you wanted an even larger size. Well, it's here and the comfort levels are off the chart!