Darren The Destroyer!

21lb 05oz millbrooke mirror

Darren Bailey continues his assault on Millbrooke.

Avid Carper Darren Bailey has kept himself busy this winter with a number of fish from Millbrooke Fisheries.

And here is Darrens latest capture. A stunning 21lb 5oz Scaly Mirror caught using the super sharp CHD hooks.

21lb 05oz millbrooke mirror


After struggling to locate the fish, Darren settled in a likely looking spot for his short 24 hour session. After spending nearly all the session with no action, Darren began packing up but thought it wise to 

leave the rod out until the last minute. 

CHD Barbed with Captive Stiff Rig Filament

This proved a wise decision as right at the last knockings, the rod ripped off!