Rock Steady Concept


Beds and Chairs Have Never Been So Stable

Avid Carp beds and chairs have just been taken to the Next Level with a unique new system that adds more stability than ever before.

The Rock Steady concept creates a captive inner leg that doesn't wobble like traditional systems, it's a real step forward for the brand.

Using UK sourced parts and clever designs from our Shropshire based team of talented CAD designers, the innovative Rock Steady concept is another first from Avid Carp.

Brand Manager Mat Woods is excited about the new system:

"Traditionally everybody uses the same style of adjustable leg on beds and chairs. That works okay, but has some pitfalls. Our in-house design team had various bugbears about the old-fashioned design and came up with the Rock Steady concept," adds Mat.


"The design principle removes the rocking motion that occurs with standard systems. This makes the legs 'bow' when you put your weight on it, which isn't very stable. We have also improved the spring mechanism. In fact, we source the springs in the UK, for the optimum levels of grip. This makes the system really easy to use. As the spring is such an important factor in the design, we have also enclosed this with our own outer moulding. This not only looks great, it improves the performance massively, by protecting the spring and offering longevity.

"What's more, Rock Steady legs feature a plastic stopper in the top of the insert leg. This helps prevent the leg from dropping out during use. If that was to happen with a standard leg, you'd lose the inner leg, the spring and the locking plate. With Rock Steady, you have to literally force it apart. It's a massive improvement, and features on all our new chairs and Bedchairs."

"We have a patent pending on this unique and superb design," concludes Mat. "It's yet another first from Avid Carp."

A video explaining the new design will be live later this week. Be sure to check in to check it out.


See the range here: ROCK STEADY BEDS & CHAIRS