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Estate Lake Success For Mat

I enjoy my winter fishing but only if I'm on the right venue. For me, some of the best winter fishing I've ever enjoyed was at RH Fisheries Weston Park. It's good for me as I pass it every day, so I can keep an eye on the place and keep the bait trickling in. It's no coincidence that all my best winters have been on lakes I've been able to keep baiting. and with plenty of the new Sonubaits 24/7 in my possession, I've been keeping a steady trickle going into Weston.

I get very little time to fish but can always make time for prebaiting and watching the lake. My friend Rob had caught a couple from the lake a week before my planned trip . I'd hoped to start 2016 as I meant to go on, by catching one!


Weston is a totally different lake these days. The water level is probably 2ft higher than when I fished it last and a lot weedier. I wasn't even going to bother trying to find spots, I just tied up three Naked Chod Rigs, finely balanced on Avid Chod Bead Kits with 24/7 hookbaits or bright pink homemades. It doesn't need to be any more complicated than that.ART-PIC-01_1_14272846241427284709

I set the beads 6ft up the line, as I've found that if you fish to a clip or feather the rod in, sometimes the pop-up can stay down by the lead if you fish the Choddy 'running' style. I've also found the bite indication better – I know from speaking to Hughesy that he has proved underwater that the further away from the lead the Choddy is, and consequently how much closer that puts the rig to the bite alarm, the better the indication is. I guess it's because the fish only needs to move the line, not the lead!


Rob joined me for a social and dropped in where he'd caught the week before. I went in a swim where a few fish had been caught earlier that week. I'd also been able to put a fair lump of bait in this swim over the previous weeks.

As it's silty and weedy, I didn't clip up. I chose to still wrap my rods around the Yardsticks, but just tied long marker knots on with the Avid Marker Elastic. When I heard it go through the rigs, I'd gently feather the lead down so I could keep in contact with it and feel the drop more positively. It's so easy on Weston to drop it in the only thick clump of weed out there, so by casting like this you avoid that happening.

I scattered 1kg of 24/7 between two far bank markers in a deeper channel that's always been there. I was confident of a bite, even if temperatures had dropped into low single figures. The wind felt like someone was throwing knives at us.

The middle rod was the one that did the business though and after a quick battle, a lovely dark common in the double figure category lay in the folds.


It was a nice way to get back in the swing of things at Weston, and hopefully a sign of things to come.

I made a quick video of the session too, which turned out really nice. You can check that out below or on our YouTube channel.

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