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The Art of Luggage

The new Avid Carp Tuned range of luggage was the star of the show at our launch in winter 2015, with everybody waxing lyrical about the modular style, the quality fabrics and the extremely attractive price points! Now it's landed in stock here at Avid HQ, we spoke to it's creator, Brand Manager Mat Woods, to find out more about this superb range.

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"The Avid Carp Tuned range is based on a set parameter of measurements that means all our internal pouches and accessory bags can be stacked into our carryalls in whatever order you prefer," explains Mat.

"The widths, heights and lengths have been carefully chosen to make things easier. It's the easiest game of Tetris you've ever played. Whether you prefer your bags on their side for easy access via grab handles, or totally flat so your gear is neatly stacked, the choice is all yours.tuned concept

There are three main sizes that make Tuned so simple. A Small, Medium and Large.  The Medium size is a complete square, whilst the Large is two of those squares. Take three Smalls and you've got the full length of the Large size. It's so easy to understand. Turn the bags on their side and you'll see how the depth is also relative to the original set of parameters, meaning things can be stacked and stored however you like. You can Tune it to your own fishing.


"These sizes are mirrored in our Bait & Bits Tub range, so if you want to mix and match between Tuned luggage pouches and harder Bait & Bits Tubs, you can. It helps when you want to find something quickly," smiles Mat.


"This modular style system means you are always fishing efficiently, keeping your gear organised and co-ordinated, making life easy on the bank. You can, of course, tailor your internal contents based on your own needs, so however you choose to load your tackle, the Tuned range is the perfect option," adds Mat.12493669_10156401569560032_2470126024964280702_o

The bags themselves are made from a hard wearing 600d fabric that will stand the test of time. You'll also note that all the bags have webbing reinforcement where it matters, like on shoulder straps and lugging handles. All the bags are fully lined and include a thick layer of foam all the way around, to keep the contents inside safe.


The carry handles and shoulder straps are made from a gorgeous peachskin material that's durable and waterproof, and all shoulder straps are adjustable by simply sliding either the webbing or the padded area up and down.


Final touches on the bags are those lovely leather patches and Zip pulls. These really set the Tuned range apart and provide something that will stand the test of time. It's something Mat is keen to point out.

"I think it's important that your luggage has form and function. Style AND substance. I know from designing and developing the luggage ranges in Avid's sister company Korum that there's a fine line between adding features and adding actual benefits. With the Tuned range, there is no compromise. It looks right and it performs. It doesn't get any better."


Zippers are durable and long-lasting, whilst the webbing is thick and heavy duty.

"We've covered all the bases, from internal dividers on the pouches that make sense, to large outer pockets on carryalls that actually help you stay organised," Mat points out.

"Most side pockets and front pockets are there for show, they're too shallow and too small. On our carryalls, the side pockets and front pocket are the full width of the bag. so your pouches and Bait & Bits Tubs fit inside beautifully."

Many of the bags also have olive green internal mesh zip pockets, perfect for all manner of bits and pieces. Again, it's all about being organised.

Whilst the range has a simple selection of bags, there are also more closely developed concepts, like the brilliant Camera Bag, which can be carried as a rucksack, and the brilliant Ruckbag, that enables you to carry a chair alongside the bag as one.

On the Rod Holdall front there are also plenty of options, from Padded Single Sleeves, a 5 Rod Quiver, a 5+ Holdall that takes up to 8 made up rods, and the brilliant 3+2 (formerly Triform) Holdall, a three rod sleeve that also enables you to carry two further rods on the outside.

"The 3+2 Holdall has some truly clever additions. The three rods and reels are placed in at different levels, to stop your reels 'bunching' together and potentially getting damaged. It makes the whole thing easier to use," explains Mat.


To complement the range, there are also neat little items like Tip & Butt Protectors, a compact Net Safe and a lovely Reel Protector, all made from that super soft Peachskin material, that's waterproof and super tough.



There are also matching Air Dry Bags, with the same colour finish and webbing as the bags. The two smaller Air Dry bags are also Tuned compatible.


"The smaller, square bag can be stacked inside your carryall, perfect when you just need 2kg or so for an overnighter, whilst the medium size fits perfectly inside the Tuned Coolbag," says Mat. "So your bait can be stored fresh for a few days and then hung out to dry afterwards when needed. When the bag's empty, just leave it in the Coolbag till the next trip. It's so easy."


If you've not been and checked out the Avid Tuned Luggage range yet, then get down to your nearest Avid tackle dealer as soon as you can. Sales are coming thick and fast as more and more anglers choose the Tuned luggage range, understanding the benefits and quality of this fantastic range.

So if you haven't already, it's time to Stay Tuned. Check out this stunning range in tackle shops today.

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