Success At The Monument

Featuring Harry Hales

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Mat & Harry Get A Result

Avid Carpers Mat Woods and Harry Hales visited the brilliant Monument 1 Fishery this weekend to brave the wet and windy conditions.

The day ticket lake is on the RH Fisheries portfolio and has been producing some lovely big fish for Harry and others recently, so Brand Manager Mat was eager to join the carping starlet to find out more about his approach and hopefully sink the net under a few big 'uns himself!

That would of course involve finding out what Harry himself has been using! His orders for Avid CRV hooks, Captive Stiff Bristle Filament, Hook Beads and Hook Swivels gave us an idea, but nothing like finding out for yourself, hey?


It didn't take long for Harry to get amongst the fish. Just 20 minutes into his 36 hour session and he'd bagged a 35lb mirror with a huge frame. A great example of the Monument chunks.

Harry followed this with another M1 character at 26lb, before baiting up for the night. With massive winds and heavy rain due, he thought the fish would switch on.


Mat meanwhile sat tight in the swim next door, hoping the fish would move on the wind. Move they did, and in the early hours of Sunday morning, after a protracted battle, an awesome 32lb 8oz male mirror lay in the net. It was Mat's second trip to the venue and his first Monument carp. "The carp looked great. Better than I did after hardly sleeping in the crazy weather conditions," said Mat.


Later on that session Harry managed a 9lb stockie, a healthy young fish that shows the future potential of the lake brilliantly.

Harry's successful tactics this year have involved natural baits like maggots and worms. If you're struggling on your venue now, make sure you try the naturals to keep those bobbin's bouncing. It's certainly working well for young Hazza!

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About The Angler


Harry Hales

Harry is the son of fishery owner Rob Hales and is certainly a chip off the old block. Like his Dad, he has a knack of catching large carp and has been lucky enough to bank some incredible fish from the UK and abroad.