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New Rods That Offer The Perfect Curve

Choosing the right materials and components for a carp rod is a difficult task. To find the balance between action and tip speed recovery, whilst also offering a rod that looks the part, is no mean feat. But with the new range of Traction carp rods, we here at Avid Carp believe we’re offering the best rod money can buy for under £100.


The carbon chosen for the Traction rods has a development title we call Reactive. Why? Because the carbon itself reacts so quickly to any forces placed upon it.

So what does that mean in real terms? We spoke to Avid Brand Manager Mat Woods for more details:

“Firstly, Reactive carbon means the rod is more easily compressed,” Mat explains. “During testing, the lads in our team with more average casting capabilities were able to cast further, without having to change their casting style.

“Reactive carbon also means the blank is able to recover from it’s bent position really quickly. Once the lead is launched, the rod buckles and wobbles longer than you might think, which reduces your distance as the line doesn’t have a smooth journey out of the rod rings. With Reactive carbon, the tip is recovering quicker than most other rods with this style of action.”

Mat’s eager to point out, however, that distance wasn’t the primary aim with the Traction range.

“I like rods with a Progressive action. Basically, rods that get progressively less stiff. This has two major benefits when combined with our Reactive carbon,” adds Mat. “The first is that the rod never really ‘locks up’ and the carbon can always react to the lunges of a fish quickly. That means fewer hook pulls.

“Secondly, and something that cannot be underestimated, is that the rod is able to handle various tasks. Most distance rods are quite tippy, with butts that can only be compressed by anglers with powerful casting techniques. That makes them difficult to use at shorter distances – after all, carp aren’t always 150yds out in the lake, are they?

“With a Traction rod – thanks to the progressive action – you have got accuracy and control whatever distance you decide to fish at. Whether casting a bare lead or a solid bag, you have a rod that’s comfortable handling both tasks. That’s why we describe the Traction range as having ‘The Perfect Curve’. The carbon technology makes the rods behave in the perfect way.”

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"The action also has other benefits. Like not always needing a shockleader for big chucks. On venues where leaders are banned and 15lb minimums are in place, I'd take a set of 3.5lb Traction rods without even thinking about it!"

One thing Mat emphasises is the superb quality and finish of the Traction rods. There have been very few compromises.


“The 3k weave carbon only usually features on rods over £150-160, so to have it all the way up the blank on rods under £100 is a bit of a first,” Mat points out. “The tapered Japanese Shrink Wrap handle is also something usually reserved for custom builds.


“I think anglers will also like the minimal graphics, which on the fishing rods is on the underside of the blank. When you look at the rods on your buzzers or pod, they look like custom builds. With the tapered, laser etched line clip and carbon reel seat, they are a truly stunning carp rod.”


With the Spod and Marker rods, the Avid team have also took into account how most anglers are using their utility rods.

“People use a Spomb now, don’t they?” laughs Mat. “So a baiting up rod needs to be powerful enough to handle a fully loaded, large sized version. That’s why we went for a 5lb blank, over a 4 or 4.5lb offering. It’s plenty powerful, but not difficult to compress. Some of the guys have described it as being the ‘most useable’ Spod rod they’ve ever owned, which is praise indeed from the likes of Chris Lowe and Ian Russell.


“The Marker rod is probably my favourite of all the rods. It’s a 3.5lb rod but has a different action to the Traction 3.5lb fishing rod,” adds Mat. “With a marker rod, you are casting out with braid and usually with a float and lead. That requires something with a different action. The tip on this rod is stiffer, which generates loads of feedback at the rod tip when feature finding. And with the marks on the blank for 6” and 12”, you’ll leave no part of the lakebed unexplored and be able to find those small depressions and bumps that can make all the difference.”


The rods will be hitting shops in November. There are six rods in the range, three 12ft carp rods at 3lb, 3.25lb, 3.5lb and a 10ft 3lb rod that’s great for smaller venues or boat work. Add to that the 5lb Spod rod and 3.5lb Marker Rod, and you have a range that suits modern carp fishing beautifully.


All the rods come with an 18 month guarantee card, which you just simply fill out and send back to us.

To match the Traction carp rods, there is also a lovely two-piece landing net handle combo, that comes with a tremendously light 42” net boasting carbon arms and a super-soft olive green mesh. It doesn’t get any carpier!

Look out for the Traction range in shops from November. RRP from £99.99

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