Steve Hall's mono rig

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Steve Hall is a huge advocate of monofilament hooklinks and has caught carp over 50lb from the UK using them.

Monofilament is cheap, boasts great anti-tangle properties and is hard to detect on the lake bed due to its fine diamter. Mono is supple enough to sit perfectly on the lake bed, yet stiff enought for carp to struggle to eject it. It really is a fantatsic all-round material. 


01. Start by tying s loop in the end of a length of 12lb Zig Line.


02. Attach th ehookbait of your choice. Steve favours a wafter.

mono-seq303. Fix an Avid CHD hook in position with a simple knotless knot.


04. Add a small Line Dropper to the hooklink to ensure it stays pinned to the deck.


05. Job Done!


About The Angler


Steve Hall

 Steve Hall started his fishing journey as a match angler, competing on the circuit around the Midlands for may years. Fishing competitively week in week out took its toll on Steve and he eventually decided he wanted his fishing to take a more relaxed approach, so he started targeting big carp.