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Avid Carper Ryan Need believes you can tweak your rigs to nail large carp. Click the link to find out more...

 There’s a lot of debate about big fish rigs and whether or not a presentation can have ‘big fish’ pedigree. I believe that a rig can single out the larger fish, but it’s not just a case of using a big hook or stiff bit of material. Any rig can be catered to nail bigger fish if you follow a couple of really simple rules. Don’t forget, it’s not just about hooking large specimens, a big fish presentation should also have the capability to land a good fish in a demanding situation.


I’ve seen anglers on the bank using Stiff Hinge Rigs that have a super short boom sections Yes, they look the part, but do they work effectively? When it comes to big carp, you need to give them enough room to hang themselves and a boom of a foot or so is usually sufficient.





When a fish picks up my hookbait I want it to come into contact with the lead straight away. Safety clips are great in certain situations, but I don’t think you can beat a large in-line lead. There’s very little movement in the presentation and it nails ‘em every time thanks to all that condensed weight.





I still can’t believe how many anglers I see on the bank targeting large carp using low-diameter hooklinks, light main line and small hooks. The way I see it, if I hook a large carp, I want to land it. That means using strong gear, so opt for 15lb main lines a tough, heavy-duty hooklinks. For me, that's Trap Line in 18lb and Captive Coated in 25lb or even 35lb.





I pride myself on being a really prepared angler. I suppose it comes from fishing so many match-style tournaments. It's better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. So keep rigs tied up and ready to rock. Ever wonder why some big fish waters only throw up one bite a session? That's because the anglers fishing those sorts of venues often catch one and then spend the next hour with a rod out of the water. When big fish go on the munch you need to maximise the opportunity and have rods in the pond during the feeding windows. To do this well you need everything ready to go, the rig, the leader, the lot. Don't miss the chance of a red letter session by losing the plot in the moment. Stay prepared and focussing and then prepare for the whackers!




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Ryan Need

Ryan was born in Birmingham and started fishing at a very early age. After cutting his teeth on canals, rivers and small pools in the Midlands, his fishing aims and ambitions changed and he soon found himself targeting large carp on a more frequent basis.