Boilie Fishing

Featuring Ryan Need


Ryan Need reveals a couple of neat tricks that could take your boilie fishing to the next level.

There’s no doubt, boilies are one of  the most effective big fish baits of all time. That said, it doesn’t mean you can just turn up, stick ‘em out and catch large carp. Now this may seem strange to some but I actually prefer to use boilie crumb over conventional boilies in certain situations. When you introduce a huge amount of crumb, it releases loads of attraction and the carp go potty for it. I’ve watched carp feed on crumb in the margins and it’s an incredible sight. They go mad and frantically search for bigger food items. That’s why they snaffle a boilie hookbait fished over the top without a second thought.


I love frozen baits, but will always swap to shelf-lifes through the winter months. Why? Because unlike frozen bait, which can take time to thaw in water, shelf-lifes start releasing food signals as soon as they enter the lake, which in the colder months is exactly what you want.




When using PVA bags, whether it be of pellets or boilie crumb, it always pays to use a nugget of dissolving foam too. Even soft baits can ‘do’ a super sharp hook point should a piece (boilie crumb or pellet) get pierced onto it when you thread your PVA bag down the hooklink.




When using boilie crumb don’t be afraid to spod it out. Give me 10 kilos of crumb over the same amount of conventional boilies any day. Crumb just offers you so much more that its ‘sealed in’ counterpart: it fills the swim with masses of attraction without overfilling the carp.


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Ryan Need

Ryan was born in Birmingham and started fishing at a very early age. After cutting his teeth on canals, rivers and small pools in the Midlands, his fishing aims and ambitions changed and he soon found himself targeting large carp on a more frequent basis.