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Improve the potential of your carp rigs using Chris Lowe's simple tips.

I always feel a little bit strange talking about rigs because most anglers have their own ideas on what constitutes a mechanically sound presentation. I’ve tried a whole host of varieties over the years and have yet to find one that stands out above the others. That said, I do believe we can take most rigs, tweak them slightly and make them perform more effectively. Sometimes changing the length of the rig is enough, other times trying a different material may bring quicker results.

Don’t just pick a rig and use it because you’ve caught a couple on it in the past. Think about the length, alter the mechanics and ensure every aspect of the rig is working for you, rather than against you. Rigs can be a minefield at times, but they needn’t be.

We all have our favoruite pop-up and bottom bait presentations and there’s no reason to stop using them if we are not catching. If the rig has big fish pedigree, it’s obviously a sound rig, it may just be a case of tweaking a few aspects of the presentation so it suits the angling situation.


Using a pop-up presentation that’s tied using hook beads and small hook swivels allows you to create a presentation that will reset itself should it get ejected.




As well as pinning your hooklink to the deck and stopping any ‘looping’, a Rig Drop will also encourage the hook to drop in the carp’s mouth, improving the hook holds.



Don’t select the hooklink you’ve got the most confidence in, pick one that suits the angling situation. I absolutely love a coated hooklink but when I’m fishing over weed, I opt for Pin Down and when I’m fishing over gravel, may opt for fluorocarbon.


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Chris Lowe

Chris is a great all-round angler, but he loves fishing with solid PVA bags at extreme range. He spends more time than most on the bank, targeting a variety of venues from runs waters to massive windswept pits, so he’s a minefield of information.

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