Master Feature Finding

Featuring Chris Lowe


Get the float out and find out what's really out there.

Flicking through magazines and talking to carp anglers, I regularly hear people advocating leaving your marker rod at home. Now I know dragging a hi-viz float through my swim will probably spook the carp in the area, but it doesn’t stop me chucking one out. Underwater features are like roads for carp and if you can master finding these variations on the lakebed, you will no doubt catch more fish.

I see a lot of anglers chuck out their marker float half- a-dozen or so times, pop it up on a gravel area and start fishing it. I always question if they’ve found the best area in front of them. Whether you make ten casts or 100, there’s every chance you’re going to push the fish out, so you may as well spend a bit longer looking. The fish tend to come back once the disturbance has died down and if you can find the right feature, the action can often be hectic from the off.



Feature finding isn’t
just about finding variations on the lakebed. Sometimes a noticeable change in depth change can be more important than any gravel bar or silt area. Take note of depth changes!




Lots of anglers use stems because they allow them to pop the lead up through the weed. I believe they give you a false reading and never put one on. If there’s weed on the lakebed, I want to know about it.




Don’t cast four or five times and settle for the first area you come across. Search the swim, look for depth changes and don’t worry about spooking the carp, they will come back once the disturbance has died.



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Chris Lowe

Chris is a great all-round angler, but he loves fishing with solid PVA bags at extreme range. He spends more time than most on the bank, targeting a variety of venues from runs waters to massive windswept pits, so he’s a minefield of information.

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