Overnight Chunk

Featuring Chris Lowe


There’s a common misconception that you need to spend lots of time on the bank if you want to catch large carp. Chris Lowe proved otherwise recently, banking a 39lb common during an overnight session on RH Fisheries’ Acton Burnell Top Lake.

“It was early evening when I pulled through the gates so I jumped straight out of the van and went for a walk. The lake was surprisingly busy but I quickly found a swim I fancied down in the shallow end of the lake. Lots of anglers find it hard to believe large carp frequent this area, but they absolutely love it, especially when it’s warm.”

With his gear unceremoniously dumped in the swim, Chris had a lead around the swim until he found a slightly deeper area at about 60yds. A couple of Code Red pop-ups were flicked out, followed by a few hundred Code Red boilies.


“I only had a single night at my disposal because I was off to Avid HQ the following morning for a meeting. According to the other members on the lake, most of the fish had been getting caught between 7am and 8am, so it was imperative that I got the rods out as quickly as possible ready for the following morning. It was 7pm by the time the rods were sorted and although I’d seen no signs of carp, I was confident of forthcoming action,” Chris told us.


As the sun rose the following morning so too did the bobbin on Chris’ right-hand rod. An epic battle unfolded and after around ten minutes, Chris slipped the net under a 39lb common known as White Tips.



Chris used his favourite Reset rig tied with Captive Braided Hooklink and a size 6 CRV hook. A Pin Down leader, Flat Clip and 4oz Distance Swivel lead was used to complete the setup.


About The Angler


Chris Lowe

Chris is a great all-round angler, but he loves fishing with solid PVA bags at extreme range. He spends more time than most on the bank, targeting a variety of venues from runs waters to massive windswept pits, so he’s a minefield of information.

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