Ice Cream Carping

Featuring Björn Brandt


German angler Björn Brandt enjoys a weekend result

The last weekend was hard work for German carper Björn Brandt. Despite searing temperatures and clear blue skies, he still managed to avoid the locals enough to get a few bites!

The good weather attracted many boaters and bathers to the public water Björn was fishing. Fishing was virtually impossible so the offer a friend to fish an old sand pit was too good to resist!

Far away from car noise and summer-loving young people, Björn spent the two two sunny days at the sandy pit instead and the carp kept his microns illuminated for much of the trip.11807200_863927427010787_7471167131665391586_o

Björn used a size 6 LSK hook on Avid Carp 20lb Captive Stiff Rig Filament. He was fishing a long way out, so big heavy Flat Swivel leads were essential.

"It was a Rehabiltation Centre for a Carp Angler," explains Björn. "Totally different to my current summer struggles on the public waters. Even better, the friendly ice cream man came to the lake every day. Next level! Big thanks to Karsten Dölle for the invitation."




About The Angler


Björn Brandt

Björn Brandt is a German carp angler and successful businessman, and he takes his excellent organisational skills to new levels out on the bank. He's a meticulous carper who simply won't settle for second best, which takes him to venues far and wide in his pursuit of big carp.