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Angie Lawley, arguably one of the best female carp anglers in the country, reveals her favourite setup for fishing in weed.

At this time of year, the weed in lots of venues tends to flourish, making it extremely difficult to present your hookbait correctly on the lake bed. Understandably, lots of anglers steer well clear of the weed because they’re worried about their presentation. This is a real shame because, as well as offering natural cover an protection, weed is absolutely stuffed with natural food. If there’s weed in an area of a lake, you can guarantee that there will be carp close to it. So, if you can master fishing in or around it, I’m certain you will catch more carp.

If you want to beat the weed this summer, I think I’ve got a very simple approach that will answer all of your prayers – solid PVA bags. Solid bags are perfect for fishing in the weed because you can present your hookbait, rig and lead arrangement in, or on top of the weed, safe in the knowledge that it’s going to be sitting spot on and tangle free. Plus, you can even present a mound of free food around your hookbait that will completely hide your end tackle.


The only real disadvantage I can see with using solid PVA bags is the fact that they can be quite time consuming to tie up at the side of the lake. Fortunately, since the release of the new Avid Bag Stems, it’s never been easier to use them. You can now tie dozens of them at home before your session, then attach them to your main line quickly when you need to.

Recently, I’ve been playing around with a variety of different presentations and I genuinely think I’ve found the ultimate weed setup. Like lots of anglers, when I’m fishing with short hooklinks on weedy venues, I like to ensure the lead ejects. By combining the Avid In-Line Safety Leads with the new Bag Stems, you can actually create an incredible drop-off presentation. What’s more, by squeezing the lead and adjusting how tightly it grips the Bag Stem, you can customise how much force is needed for the lead to drop off. Personally, I generally ensure the lead is relatively loose around the Bag Stem, so it drops off as soon as a carp picks up my hookbait.


Whether you’re fishing over light weed, in the middle of heavy weed or on clear spots in the weed, I genuinely think this solid-bag approach will catch you more carp.



About The Angler

OXLEASE Aug 13 004

Angie Lawley

Angie Lawley is arguably the best female carp angler in the country. She’s caught countless large carp from a multitude of pressured venues but, nowadays, she can usually be found on the banks of Linear Fisheries with her other half Chris Lowe.