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Andy Blower's Recent Success

Weekends on day ticket waters can be difficult but Midland angler Andy Blower is used to that! IOn his most recent trip to Staffordshire's Baden Hall, he had a lovely result using his twist on a stiff rig, which we'll be lifting the lid on very soon!

Andy used 3kg of boilies, using a throwing stick to introduce them to an area of smooth sand. Having leaded around quickly to find some fishable spots in the weed, Andy sent out a couple of pop-ups and waited patiently, whilst all other weekend anglers were crashing leads in and making lots of disturbance.

"Getting all the noise out the way early and then keeping disturbance to a minimum always serves me well at Baden. The fish were showing on the far side when I arrived, but once anglers started filtering onto the lake, they moved over towards my baited spot," says Andy.

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Andy only had to wait till Saturday morning for the first bit of activity. The line flew out of the clip and after a protracted battle, a lovely 28lb common was sat in the net.

Andy followed this with a 30lb 4oz common the next morning.


"I tried to time all my recasts and baiting up for the time of day when very few fish get caught," adds Andy. "That was the key. With the lake virtually full, sitting on my hands and having trust in the presentation brough the fish into my swim every morning."

Andy used 25lb Captive Stiff Rig Filament rigs using the Naked Chod Bead Kit to create a Helicopter rig on a small length of Pindown Leader. A 4oz Distance Swivel lead completed the setup.



About The Angler


Andy Blower

Andy started fishing over 25 years ago after watching his cousin waggler fishing for roach and bream on a small pond. He pestered his parents to buy him a pleasure fishing setup, and was soon out on the bank targeting the ponds and canals close to his Midlands home. After five years match fishing and pleasure angling, Andy made the switch to specimen carp fishing and the rest, as they say, is history.