Summer Product Launch


The Latest Gear From Avid Carp

We are proud to announce the launch of yet more great new carp fishing products that are sure to find their way into your armoury this summer. Following the successful release of the incredible Benchmark bedchair series, we are releasing a number of new tackle items that we know you'll love.

First up it's the lightweight MegaBite bedchair, which features a super comfortable fleece mattress, a totally lateral sleeping surface and a pricetag that makes every angler stand up and listen! With an RRP of just £99.99, it's outrageously good and is built to last.


Next up is a great alternative to our original Yardsticks – the Overnighter Yardsticks. With a more compact size, black finish and glow-in-the-dark tops, they're ideal for use at night or when the light is fading. Wrapping your rods has never been easier!


To suit the 'wrap-artists' out there, we've also brought yet another innovation to the table, our epic new Bucket Stand. This brilliant bit of kit puts your bait bucket at waist height, so whether you're spodding, catapulting or sticking your bait out, it's easier than ever before. The Bucket Stand comes complete with three banksticks and a foam-wrapped rod rest, which comes into its own when using Spombs or similar devices that need to be loaded with two hands.


To match the Bucket Stand, we also have two stylish new Buckets. With a carpy olive green finish, the Avid logo on the side in our iconic camouflage pattern, they're perfect for the modern carp angler. AT 10ltr and 17ltr you have sizes to suit all.


And if you like camo, you're going to love our new range of hoodies, sweatshirts and tshirts. There's a camo Tshirt and black Tshirt with a camo print – both of which boast a new cut, which means the Tshirt hugs your arms smartly, and the body is slightly longer – more of a modern 'fashion fit' than most angling apparell.


We also have a camo Sweatshirt in the range, which we've based on a skater style cut. This is sure to be our best-selling clothing item this summer!


It doesn't end there camo-lovers! We also have a smart camo/black zipped hoody, which looks just as good away from the bank as on it.

For those who want to wear the Avid brand logo loud and proud, we also have a dark grey marl with a yellow inner hood, featuring the 'college' style logo that featured on the original Avid Carp hoodies. A super smart hoody, as always.

Lastly, there's a smart green Polo shirt, with our leather embossed logo and an active fit.

Pop on one of the new baseball caps or Snapbacks as launched in June and you'll be looking fly this summer. It's all heading out to shops from mid-July. Be there!