The Forgotten Method

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Carp-angling machine Ian Russell reveals how Method feeders could transform your catch results this summer.

Many moons ago, when I first started carp fishing, lots of anglers used Method feeders for targeting specimen carp but over the last decade, the popularity of the tactic has declined somewhat, and it now seems to be an approach often associated with match angling.

When the product team first showed me the new Avid Flatbed Method Feeders, I knew they were onto something very special. The guys had been out with some of the best match anglers in the country, like Des Shipp and Tommy Pickering, and had witnessed them smashing well-stocked carp waters to pieces, and catching some good’uns along the way too. Realising there was mileage in the hugely successful tactic for specimen carp anglers, they started developing a range of carp-specific Flatbed Method Feeders.



When I first started testing the new feeders, I simply couldn’t believe how easy they were to use. They allowed me to create a small parcel of food with my hookbait completely contained inside, similar to a solid PVA bag, in a matter of seconds. What’s more, due to the unique push-button mould, I could create feeders full of bait that were the exact same size every time, enabling me to casting accurely at range every time.




The new Flatbed Feeders are available in two sizes – small and large. This allows you to control just how much bait you’d like to present on the lakebed. Although some anglers like to fish with small parcels of food, others may prefer a much bigger offering. The small feeders are available in 1.5oz or 2oz and the large feeders in 2.5oz or 3oz. So regardless of the distance you want to fish at and the amount of bait you want to present on the bottom, there’s bound to be a feeder to suit your needs.



For me, the standout feature with new feeders has got to be the quick-change design. Due to a unique lockable insert, you can simply change the weight of the feeder you are using in a matter of seconds, which is perfect if you want to achieve a little extra distance. Plus, for those anglers who may be fishing for large carp in snaggy venues, the lockable insert can be adjusted so you can completely eject the feeder on the take.

To aid with casting, the feeders boast an extra-weighted nose and an aerodynamic profile. Plus, due to the Flatbed design and subtle colour, they are extremely inconspicuous on the bottom. This makes them absolutely perfect for fishing over beds of bait or on their own like conventional PVA bags.



If you’re looking for the ultimate edge this summer, I suggest you take a look at these innovative little feeders. They allow you to present your hookbait inside a tiny mound of food, safe in the knowledge that there are no tangles. What’s more, you can create the whole presentation in a matter of seconds. Don’t be fooled into thinking this tactic is designed for small fish because, during field-testing, some of the Avid consultants caught some very large carp using them.




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