The Tubing Chod


If a leader ban on your venue is stopping you using the Chod rig, check out the Tubing Chod!

The Chod rig is an incredibly effective presentation for large carp. Although it works great when fished 'naked' straight on main line, some anglers prefer to use is with a heavy leader like leadcore or Pin Down. Unfortunately, more and more venues are banning the use of leaders, making it quite difficult to use a conventional Chod. Fear not though, the Tubing Chod can help you beat the ban.



01. Start by threading some Thread & Go Tubing onto your main line.



02. Pass an Avid Rubber Bead over the tubing. This will fit snug, but will eject should a fish become tethered,


03. Slide your Chod rig onto the tubing like this.



04. Slide on another Rubber Bead.



05. Thread a Chod Buffer onto your line and push the tubing through the end of it.



06. Job done!