How To Tie A Pin Down Blow-Back Rig

Featuring Chris Lowe


This super-simple presentation is the rig that Chris Lowe uses to target large carp in weedy venues.







01. Tie a small loop in the end of a length of 20lb Pin Down hooklink.



02. Attach the hookbait of your choice. Double boilies are vastly underused and great for tricking pressured carp.



03. Tie a small rig ring onto the length of Pin Down like this.



04. Carefully push a size 6 CRV hook through the ring ring.




05. Thread the end of the Pin Down hooklink through the back of the eye on the CRV hook.



06. Finally fix the hook in position with a simple knotless knot.


Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 16.16.52

Pin Down hooklink really does take supple materials to the next level. It's strong, supple and very, very heavy. Due to unique fibres woven into the material, there's no need to add putty and it hugs every contour on the lake bed.

About The Angler


Chris Lowe

Chris is a great all-round angler, but he loves fishing with solid PVA bags at extreme range. He spends more time than most on the bank, targeting a variety of venues from runs waters to massive windswept pits, so he’s a minefield of information.

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