Eliminate Tangles With Stringers

Featuring Jason Allaway


Are you having trouble with Tangles? Check out Jason Allaway’s neat PVA stringer trick.

The extra weight of the three additional boilies will throw the hooklink away from the lead on the cast and eliminate tangles. The PVA creates a fantastic presentation on the bottom, especially when fishing over large beds of boilie, but is equally as effective being used a ‘roving’ rod cast at showing fish.

You can even take the presentation to the next level by fishing a Code Red Wafter as the hookbait, this virtually guarantees that your hookbait is the first of the four baits that goes into the fishes mouth due to its extra buoyancy.



 1. Thread 3 Code Red boilies on to a piece of PVA tape and create small even gaps between each.



2. Tie the two ends together to create a triangle of boilies.



3. Thread your hooklink through the middle.



4. Position the hook between two of the baits and the hookbait will nestle neatly underneath the freebies.




About The Angler


Jason Allaway

He's a competitive angler that thrives on the pressure of a match situation, but takes the same approach wherever he's fishing to keep his bobbins dancing at all times! Jason is also brilliant at stalking carp in clear water. None better, some might argue, as he is a natural born hunter.