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42lber from the Monument

Avid Carp Brand Manager Mat Woods had a surprise recently on a visit to RH Fisheries' new super water at the Monument.

Mat landed a superb 42lb 1oz fish from the venue in December, his last carp on 2014. On his first cast, his first fish of 2015 was the same 42lb 1oz monster! 

"Everything about the capture was the same. A big dropback bite, followed by the fish slapping on the surface like a plate, followed by a solid resistance, a lot of kiting and a weighty resistance. I knew before it got to the net which fish it was - although I was hoping it was another uncaught big 'un, I must admit!"

Mat was using his favoured 'German Rig' with a Code Red wafter hookbait. The rig is tied from 25lb Captive Coated Hooklink, a size 4 CRV Hook with a Hook Bead and Hook Swivel on it to present the bait. An Anti-Tangle sleeve completed the setup, which was attached to a Helicopter leader tied with Pindown in 45lb.

The Staffordshire-rod has 10 carp in total, included a trio of lovely 20s, topped by this beautiful 28lber called 'Pebbles' by fishery owner, Rob Hales. 

"The quality of the carp in Rob's lakes has to be seen to be believed. They are like brand new pennies. Like they've just hatched from a giant egg. All credit to Rob, Ed Matthews, Alex Lister and all the crew who make this type of fishing so readily available. They truly are Next Level!" 

Below you can see a gallery of some of the other fish landed by Mat. Keep scrolling down and you can also watch the video of when Mat caught the fish the first time around!

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Mat is a regular writer in CARPology and CARPFEED magazines, with monthly rig and day ticket features. Most of Mat's articles are extremely technical, explaining lots of intricate rig, lead and bait setups designed to give you an edge.