Softly Spoken

Featuring:   Mat Woods

Mat Woods reveals everything you need to know about supple rigs.

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Top Tips For Summer

Featuring:   Chris Lowe

Chris Lowe reveals his top tips for summer carping.

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Game Changer

Jason Donaldson reveals a couple of small tweaks that have drastically improved his catch results over the last couple of months.

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Lights, Camera, Acton

Featuring:   Mat Woods

Mat Woods and Nige Williams enjoy a fruitful session at RH Fisheries' Acton Burnell Top Lake

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How To Splice...

Pin Down unleaded leader is a strong, fast sinking material that follows every contour on the lake bed. Here's how Team Avid splice it...

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Attach A Hook Bait With A Bait Screw

Bait Screws feature a quick-change arm, allowing you to use them in conjunction with rig rings, swivels and ready-tied Chods.

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