Hit The Spot

Featuring:   Chris Lowe

long-range expert, Chris Lowe reveals a couple of neat tricks that will allow you to fish more accurately than ever before.

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Overnight Chunk

Featuring:   Chris Lowe

Avid Carper Chris Lowe proved that large carp can be caught during short sessions when he bagged this 39lb common during an overnighter on Acton Burnell.

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Stiff Rigs

Featuring:   Mat Woods

Stiff rigs are a fantastic option for targeting large, pressured carp. Mat Woods explains all...

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Chemo's Boilie Fishing Tips

Featuring:   Simon Crow

Ian Russell reveals a couple of neat tricks that could transform your boilie fishing.

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Continental Carp

Featuring:   Raf Swinnen

Raf Swinnen recently banked a string of large carp from a super-snaggy Europen lake.

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Hendrix Tickled Pink

Featuring:   Carl King

Essex angler Carl King bags the mighty Hendrix!

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