More new gear...

A couple of the new products you can expect to see hitting the shops from Avid Carp soon.

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Boilie Fishing

Featuring:   Ryan Need

Transform your boilie fishing with Ryan Need's edges...

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Day Session Reward

Featuring:   Harry Hales

Harry Hales bags two day ticket bruisers

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Master Feature Finding

Featuring:   Chris Lowe

Feature finding is an integral part of modern-day carp angling. If you want to catch lots of carp, you need to master the skill!

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Sneak Peek...

A sneak preview of some of the new Avid Carp products that will be hitting the shops over the next few weeks.

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Steve Hall's mono rig

Featuring:   Steve Hall

Although neglected by modern day carp anglers, monofilament is a fantastic material for ultra-wary carp.

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