Avid Carper Michael Farrall


Michael Farrall

Angling all started for me as a young lad walking the local brook's catching pretty much what ever came my way. From this I learnt the fundamentals of angling and I soon started to venture over to the River Severn, where I pursued some of the species that resided there. This soon had me truly hooked at the unbelievable power of some of these fish. I was intrigued to experience more.

Once into my teens, I spent a few years fishing for a local club team which is where I learnt a lot about the finesse side of angling. Having caught a few decent carp during my time with the club, I quickly found myself targeting these individual species on a more regular basis, which ultimately lead me to that path I've took, fishing waters up and down the country. Anything from small club lakes and day ticket venues, to natural meres and even the odd trip across the channel. There really aren’t enough hours in a day.

Top tip. Location is key. Something that you can't really teach is watercraft. It has a key role to play in my fishing. Watch the water as intensely as possible for the smallest of signs, be it small fizzes, coloured margins or fish rolling can all put you one step ahead.