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Various anglers from Team Avid have taken part in the qualifying stages of some of the UK’s largest carp competitions over the last couple of months, and all have qualified too. First up,...

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The fish just keep coming for Avid’s Ian Russell. On his latest session at Linear Fisheries’ Unity Lake he managed 17 carp to 43lb.

After arriving at the lake at first light at the start of a three-day session, Ian dropped into a popular swim that allowed him to fish in open water.

“The lake was relatively busy and I was certain that the larger carp would be holding up at range," explains Ian. "Having fished the swim a few weeks earlier it was just a case of chucking some hookbaits onto a clear area at about 100yds. With 20mm boilie hookbaits positioned on a firm area, I introduced two kilos of Sonubaits Code Red boilies and sat back in anticipation.

Ian used 20mm Sonubaits Code Red shelf-life boilies.

"Within a couple of hours of introducing the bait there were fish crashing and rolling all over the spot. I was absolutely buzzing because most of them looked well over 20lb. I started off the session by catching a couple of doubles but, eventually, the stamp of fish started to improve. Over the course of the session I managed to tempt a grand total of 17 carp, including three thirties and the lake’s largest common at 43lb. I’d only decided to target the common a few weeks earlier so I couldn’t believe my luck when I slid it into the net.”

Ian used 20mm Sonubaits Code Red shelf-life boilies on his trusty blow-back rig. The rig was tied using Avid Captive Coated Hooklink and a prototype Avid hook. Due to the heavy weed and the fact he was fishing at mega range, Ian used Flat Clips and 3.5oz Distance Swivel Leads on all three rods.

Ian always opts of Flat Clips when he's fishing weedy venues.

“Although I’ve caught the largest common in the lake, I’ll definitely be back on Unity in the Autumn. There’s a very large mirror called Moonscale that I desperately want to catch. I’m convinced that I lost it during the session so I’m determined to go back at set the record straight. Watch this space!”

This pristine ghostie weighed 39lb.

A fish called Sumo at 37lb 12oz.

This magnificent common was the largest fish of the session. It weighed 43lb!


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